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The Atlantic: “Could Gary Johnson’s turn as a pro-legalization Libertarian swing the presidential election?”

September 30, 2012Posted in Blog, News

  From The Atlantic By Molly Ball Gary Johnson was standing a couple of blocks from Dupont Circle, on a corner festooned with rainbow-flag bunting—a location strategically selected to highlight his support of gay marriage. It was one of those… Continue reading »

Video: “The War Stops Here”

September 26, 2012Posted in Blog, News

Watch Video: Two-term Governor, Gary Johnson, is the only candidate who doesn’t want to bomb Iran. He’s the only candidate for President who would end end the war in Afghanistan today. Gary Johnson is the only one who wants to… Continue reading »

Ask Gary Johnson Anything On Reddit, September 26th

September 25, 2012Posted in Blog, News

  GOV. GARY JOHNSON: ASK ME ANYTHING   Sept. 25, 2012, Austin, TX — Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson will host another Reddit AMA, or “Ask Me Anything,” on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 11-12 a.m. ET. The 60-minute online event will… Continue reading »

U.S. News & World Report: “Gary Johnson Sues To Get Into Presidential Debates”

September 24, 2012Posted in Blog, News

From U.S. News & World Report By Kenneth Walsh Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson has filed a lawsuit to win a spot in the presidential debates that start in Denver on Oct. 3. It’s unlikely that he will succeed, but… Continue reading »

Video: “Dream a Little”

September 21, 2012Posted in Blog, News, YouTube

Watch Video: Two-term Governor, Gary Johnson, says the people running America have a different idea than the people who founded it. We can’t count on the two-party system to act responsibly and fairly for us, the people. In order to… Continue reading »

The 5 Finalists Of The Gary Johnson 2012 Video Contest

September 20, 2012Posted in Blog, News

Thank you to everyone who participated in The Gary Johnson 2012 Video Contest! We received many submissions from our many talented Gary Johnson supporters. Narrowing down the submissions to just 5 finalists was anything but easy. You can see all… Continue reading »

The Guardian: “Gary Johnson: ‘These people are let down by the two-party system’”

Posted in Blog, News

From The Guardian By Ed Pilkington Amid all the flip-flopping and dissembling of the 2012 election, it comes as a bit of a shock to hear one of the presidential candidates say that his interest in politics stemmed from the… Continue reading »

Gov. Gary Johnson: “Bring Our Troops Home Now”

September 19, 2012Posted in Blog, News

  LIBERTARIAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE GARY JOHNSON AT UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE EVENT: BRING OUR TROOPS AND DOLLARS HOME FROM AFGHANISTAN NOW   Sept. 19, 2012, Durham, NH — Calling Tuesday’s announcement that the U.S. and NATO are essentially suspending joint… Continue reading »

Red Alert Politics: “Young Ron Paul supporters express support for Gary Johnson, say Romney, Obama the same”

September 17, 2012Posted in Blog, News

From Red Alert Politics By John Rossomando Mitt Romney is just not going to cut it for many of Ron Paul’s devoted legion of young followers. Most of the Ron Paul supporters approached by Red Alert Politics Friday night at… Continue reading »

Gov. Gary Johnson’s Interview with John Stossel

September 14, 2012Posted in Blog, News

Gov. Gary Johnson spoke with John Stossel last night about a range of issues, including cutting taxes, balancing the budget, overhauling Medicare, and marriage equality. Watch the interview here.