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Gov. Johnson on Obama’s 2nd Amendment Assault

January 16, 2013Posted in Blog

“In the wake of the attacks on America on 9/11/2001, the federal government’s response was, in part, the greatest assault on individual liberties and privacy on a generation. The result was the Patriot Act, unprecedented monitoring of our personal lives,… Continue reading »

When Government Tries To Fix Things

January 10, 2013Posted in Blog

When Government tries to fix things… January 10, 2012    Friends,   We have a lot of work to do — and I’m rolling up my sleeves.   Less than two weeks ago, we saw the politicians in Washington “fix”… Continue reading »

Now more than ever…

January 4, 2013Posted in Blog

Now more than ever… January 3, 2013      Friends,   2013 is here – and it will be a truly pivotal year for America.   When the dust settled after the election a few weeks ago, it was clear… Continue reading »

$2 Billion Later

December 12, 2012Posted in Blog, News

$2 Billion Later… December 12, 2012     Friends,     It’s now December 12, and the headlines are the same as they were two weeks ago:  The so-called “Fiscal Cliff” is looming.  From watching the news and listening to… Continue reading »

$800 Billion…or $800 Billion

December 5, 2012Posted in Blog, News

$800 Billion…or $800 Billion December 5, 2012     Friends,   Have you been watching the insanity in Washington about the so-called Fiscal Cliff? If so, you are seeing the same thing I am:  It is all a concoction by… Continue reading »

That Sound You Hear…

December 3, 2012Posted in Blog, News

That Sound You Hear… November 30, 2012   Friends,   Since the election, I’ve been able to spend some time at home in New Mexico, recharge my batteries a bit, and most important, watch what’s going on in Washington, DC… Continue reading »

Thank You From Gov. Gary Johnson

November 9, 2012Posted in Blog, News

Gov. Gary Johnson sent the following letter to his supporters yesterday, November 8th. Friends, The first words I must say to you are THANK YOU. We made history Tuesday. Thanks to you and thousands of other supporters of real liberty,… Continue reading »

Special Letter From Gov. Gary Johnson

November 3, 2012Posted in Blog, News

Gov. Gary Johnson sent the following letter to supporters earlier today. Friends, With the election 3 days away, we’re all busy. So I’ll keep this short. Polls released in the past couple of days show us with 5% in Ohio… Continue reading »

Time Magazine: “Who Is Gary Johnson? And Why Is the GOP So Mad at Him?”

November 1, 2012Posted in Blog, News

  From Time Magazine By Joel Stein As soon as libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson rolls up to the restaurant in Scottsdale, Ariz., his driver, Tom Mahon, jumps out of his seat and hands me a Sharpie. Mahon says that… Continue reading »

Video: “Gov. Gary Johnson debates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney”

October 31, 2012Posted in Blog, News

  GARY JOHNSON CAMPAIGN RELEASES “THE DEBATE THAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED” VIDEO   Oct. 31, 2012, Santa Fe, NM – Employing a bit of video creativity, Gov. Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign has produced and released a video in which the… Continue reading »