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The 5 Finalists Of The Gary Johnson 2012 Video Contest

September 20, 2012Posted in Blog, News

Thank you to everyone who participated in The Gary Johnson 2012 Video Contest! We received many submissions from our many talented Gary Johnson supporters. Narrowing down the submissions to just 5 finalists was anything but easy. You can see all of the videos submitted here.

Starting next week, the campaign is going to ask Gary Johnson supporters to ‘vote’ for their favorite video by donating to their favorite video. The video that raises the most money by October 5th will be the winner of the Gary Johnson 2012 Video Contest, and will receive a congratulatory phone call from Gov. Gary Johnson himself! The Gary Johnson 2012 campaign would like to congratulate the following 5 finalists:

John: “Keep Gary Johnson Out of the Debates”

Corey Schmidt: “Give Peace A Chance in 2012 - Elect Gary Johnson”

Patrice Thibodeau: “Imagine”

Stephen Rizzi: “Johnson VS Obamney”

Justin Vincent: “JVINCE - Gary Johnson 2012″

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