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Health Care

When President Obama first called for health care reform, he talked about reducing costs and increasing access to care. That sounded good.

But, by the time President Obama and Congress were finished with the Affordable Care Act, we ended up with unprecedented government mandates, tax increases, and a federal intrusion into the marketplace like none we have ever seen. The result: Higher insurance costs, job-killing regulations, and no evidence that anyone will enjoy improved health care.

Reduced costs and better service are what a free, functional marketplace will provide – if the government stays out of the way. Health care is no exception. Competition, price transparency, and the innovation that will result from a robust marketplace will accomplish the fundamental goals of affordability and access in ways the government cannot possibly accomplish.

Gary Johnson Speaks Out Against Government-Run Health Care (Video)

GARY JOHNSON Ask Any Country That's Tried Govt. Healthcare (Video)


Repeal the Affordable Care Act NOW

GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTH CARE SIMPLY WON'T WORK. Competition and Price Transparency WILL work.

  • Fewer government mandates and less regulation will allow innovation and competition to make health care more affordable and more accessible to all Americans.
  • Removing arbitrary obstacles to interstate competition among health insurance providers will reduce costs.


Allow the States to Innovate

OUR CURRENT MEDICARE AND MEDICAID SYSTEMS ARE unsustainable and must be reformed.

  • In New Mexico, when the state took responsibility for Medicaid, costs were reduced by 25% and services improved. Removing unnecessary federal mandates would have allowed even greater savings.
  • Federal assistance for those who cannot afford essential health care should be provided through simple block grants to the states, where innovation will create efficiencies and better care at less cost.