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Yowie and U.S. Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Host First-Ever Live Unmoderated Online Video Town Hall

October 31, 2011Posted in Gov. Gary Johnson, Interview, News

Today Yowie issued the following press release announcing Governor Gary Johnson’s participation in a Wednesday night online video townhall:

Yowie and U.S. Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Host First-Ever Live Unmoderated Online Video Town Hall

Gary Johnson first of many political candidates and pundits to be featured on new “Yowie for Public Office 2012” video chat series 

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – October 31, 2011 – Today Yowie, the monster of video chat, announced it will kick off its new “Yowie for Public Office 2012” video chat series by hosting the first-ever live and unmoderated online town hall with U.S. Republican Presidential candidate Gary Johnson and his supporters. The new channel, powered by Yowie’s interactive video chat platform, gives politicians and pundits a forum to engage directly with the public and field live video questions over the web.

Gary Johnson’s video chat will begin at 5:00 PM PDT on November 2, 2011. To join please visit  

“Yowie enables me to have a direct digital dialog with the public and engage in an open Q&A on key issues like smaller government, the economy, drug policy reform, tax reform, or any question a participant wishes to ask — no topic is off limits,” said U.S. Presidential Candidate and former two-term Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson. “Considering this is the first unmoderated online video chat by a U.S. Presidential candidate, we hope it sets a good example of how technology can help further bridge the gap between voters and their elected officials and candidates.”  

“Gary Johnson has been excluded from some of the Republican presidential debates despite being an accomplished long-time politician and two-term governor,” said Yowie founder, former Philadelphia Flyers president and serial entrepreneur Jay Snider. “With Yowie, Johnson is able to bring his message directly to the people in a give and take format, and we are honored to be able to provide this platform for him.”

The event will launch a series of “Yowie for Public Office 2012” shows designed to connect the public with political candidates and pundits from around the country. It leverages the latest in technology, allowing simultaneous streaming of live video or other media content with live video chat and comprehensive real-time audience participation. Yowie, a leader in interactive streaming and video chat, connects original personalities and fans, from politicians to musicians, comedians, actors, and more. Recent guests have included Colin Farrell, Amy Poehler, Interpol, The Melvins, Andy Richter and others.

About Yowie
Yowie allows people to video chat with their friends and favorite celebrities in an online group chat environment. Its premium video chat feature is specifically designed for artists, entertainers, influencers, and anyone with a large audience they want to reach. The premium chat controls allow hosts to conduct moderated or unmoderated, town hall-style broadcasts, and take live video questions from audiences all over the world. The company’s executives have served in leadership roles in both entertainment and technology organizations like the National Hockey League’s Philadelphia Flyers and MySpace. Yowie’s platform presents a brand new medium in Interactive Streaming; to learn more, visit

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