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What A Debate!

May 5, 2011Posted in Blog, South Carolina

Tonight in Greenville, Governor Johnson displayed his wealth of experience and courage to tackle America’s most pressing issues.  Unafraid to speak the truth, Governor Johnson debated the need for serious fiscal reform and a tax policy that would create millions of jobs.  Not only did he prove his understanding of the issues, he showcased his track record of success while serving as Chief Executive in New Mexico.

Boldly advocating liberty, Governor Johnson argued the need to tackle America’s looming entitlement crisis. As Governor, he shifted Medicaid to managed care and saved taxpayers countless dollars.  Tonight he argued that the next President needs to similarly tackle health care entitlements in a efficient free market manner.  The same fiscal principles that Governor Johnson used in New Mexico can be applied to the federal government.

Perhaps even more importantly, Governor Johnson’s understanding of the debt crisis also takes into account foreign policy.  While other candidates supported the continuation of expensive overseas wars, Governor Johnson called for an end to the Afghanistan war and a realistic foreign policy that only acts in America’s self defense.  Governor Johnson made it clear that he is on record opposing the Iraq war from the start. He believes that America cannot afford to nation build and police the world.

Governor Johnson also differentiated himself from other candidates when drug policy was brought up.  Instead of clinging to the failed policies of the past, Governor Johnson spoke the truth about America’s failed drug war.  He made it clear that it is senseless to arrest millions of people and create border violence without actually reducing drug use.  No other candidate has a solution to fix America’s costly and ineffective drug war.

At the debate, Governor Johnson was the only candidate on the stage pushing for a Cost/Benefit analysis to government.  He has the entrepreneurial background needed to apply a common sense business approach to governing.  Governor Johnson balanced budgets while he was a businessman and he wants to do the same thing as President.

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