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We Are Just Getting Started

May 5, 2011Posted in Blog

When Gary Johnson announced his campaign for Governor of New Mexico, he was polling at 2% just a few months before the primary.  Establishment political figures and party leaders dismissed Gary as a long shot that had no chance of winning.  In fact, some Republican officials even encouraged Gary to settle on running for the legislature instead.  Gary’s campaign for president has many similarities to his first campaign for Governor of New Mexico.

Our message of freedom and liberty resonates with Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Independent voters across America.  At a time when America is facing a serious debt crisis, people are looking for a leader with real solutions and a proven track record of getting things done.  Unlike past elections, squishy messaging and politics as usual will not prevail in 2012.

Voters this election cycle are more informed than ever before.  They are able to see through the empty promises and slick packaging of the political class.  People everywhere are looking for change and Gary Johnson is their candidate.



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