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The Gary Johnson 2012 Poster Contest

August 2, 2012Posted in Blog, News

The Gary Johnson campaign is in search of new ‘viral-worthy’ posters, so we’re turning to some of the most creative people we know… our supporters!

What Is the Gary Johnson 2012 Poster Contest?

Between Thursday, August 2nd and Friday, August 10th, supporters of Gov. Gary Johnson are invited to send their original posters to [email protected]. Submissions will be narrowed down by the campaign, and the top submissions will be posted on Facebook on August 13th.

Gary Johnson supporters will then be invited to visit Facebook and vote on their favorite poster. The top 10 submissions chosen by Facebook users will become OFFICIAL campaign posters, will be posted on, and each winner will receive an official Gary Johnson 2012 t-shirt!

What Kind of Posters Can I Submit?

Posters of Gary Johnson with inspirational quotes.

Posters with colorful infographics, illustrating why Gary Johnson is America’s best hope.

Posters that highlight Gary Johnson’s accomplishments.

Posters with clever or humorous images relating to the campaign.

Posters with other appropriate images and ideas about America and liberty.

Please note: preference will be given to posters that are professional-looking, inspirational, clever, and informative.

What Should I Not Submit?

Do NOT use copyrighted images. Please only use original artwork, or images of Gary Johnson from and

Please do not use pictures of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. We want our posters to focus on Gary Johnson and his campaign.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Participants are allowed to submit as many times as they like.

The Gary Johnson 2012 Poster Contest ends on Friday, August 10th at 11:00 pm, MDT. Submissions will not be considered after that date.

All submissions become the property of the Gary Johnson 2012 campaign.

Good luck!

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