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January 12, 2012Posted in Blog, News


“…something funny happened Tuesday in New Hampshire. Ron Paul finished a very strong second in New Hampshire’s “open” primary with 23% of the vote. Perhaps even more significant, every exit poll shows that Dr. Paul was the winner among young voters, independents and other “non-traditional” Republican primary voters. In other words, he did pretty darn well among those same demographics who elected Barack Obama .”

-Governor Gary Johnson


You may have seen the above quote in the past day or so – it’s getting some attention. And it should.

As I have told you, my motivation for seeking the Office of President is to provide a voice and a political “home” for millions of Americans who are looking at Barack Obama and at the field of likely Republican nominees – and not seeing the leadership this nation needs and is demanding.

On one hand, they see a President who has borrowed and printed our economy into disaster. On the other, they see a group of Republican candidates giving lip service to cutting spending, while trying to out-promise one another when it comes to using government to control our personal lives, whether it be deciding who has the right to get married, monitoring our cell phones and computers, or having Congress define our ‘values’.

If you are one of those who are not satisfied with the ‘mainstream’ choices, please show your support for a real alternative here.

What millions of Americans really want is a President who will cut the spending, stop the borrowing and printing, and get the government OUT of our lives and OUT of the business of making decisions for us. I am convinced those millions of Americans are the real majority in this country today.

As I said in my Daily Caller op-ed, in New Hampshire, that majority reared its head and gave the so-called mainstream candidates a run for their money.

In short, the real headline from New Hampshire this week is that enough young voters, independent voters and liberty-minded folks turned out to vote in a Republican primary to give Dr. Ron Paul 23% of the vote and shove several ‘business-as-usual’ candidates to the back of the bus to South Carolina and beyond.

That fact is a tremendous validation of our campaign and what we are about. The attention we are receiving – finally – from the media and political analysts is an admission that this is the year and ours is the campaign that can really turn the system on its head. And that is exactly what MUST happen.

I invite you to read my entire Daily Caller piece here: Daily Caller. And I invite you to show your continued support for real liberty and real economic freedom by making a contribution today that will insure that our march toward November can continue. Please go to I WANT TO HELP and make certain that YOUR voice and YOUR commitment to liberty are heard and felt in this presidential election.

Exciting things are happening. We are on the move. And with your help, we are going to make history!

Your friendship and support are the keys to our success, and as always, I deeply appreciate both.



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