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Statement From Governor Gary Johnson Regarding The NBC/Politico/Reagan Foundation Debate

September 7, 2011Posted in Blog, Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue, Job Creation, Liberty, Small Government, Spending, Twitter

Statement from Governor Gary Johnson regarding the NBC/Politico/Reagan Foundation Debate:

“If Republicans and Independents were looking for new ideas and decisive plans in the debate, they were disappointed. That’s what happens when the media decides, six months before the first ballots are cast, who should be allowed on the stage.  Much of the debate was about the records of the governors running for president.  Where was the governor who vetoed 750 bills to control the size of government?  Much was said about job creation — or lack thereof — in those governors’ states.  Where was the governor whose state had more job creation than any of them?  And where was the governor who polls show to be the most highly regarded in the state he governed?  I suspect voters would like to hear from the one governor among them all who actually did the things that need to be done today to right America’s ship.  

“There is much to debate in this country today, and within the Republican party.  But we didn’t see or hear a debate tonight.  We saw business-as-usual wrapped in a bunch of different packages.”

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