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Special Letter From Gov. Gary Johnson

November 3, 2012Posted in Blog, News

Gov. Gary Johnson sent the following letter to supporters earlier today.


With the election 3 days away, we’re all busy. So I’ll keep this short.

Polls released in the past couple of days show us with 5% in Ohio and 4% in Colorado!

I was in Ohio yesterday, and I can tell you first-hand that the excitement for sending a strong message of Liberty on Tuesday is growing. Take a look at this photo and article: “Vote for the Person You Believe In”

We have talked about how much it will mean if we can achieve 5% on Tuesday. If we can do that, it literally alters the American political landscape for years to come – regardless of who wins on Tuesday.

These polls, and others around the country, show that we are CLOSE – really close.

Our TV ads are running in key markets around the country, but Monday morning we can increase the number of ads that will run Monday and Tuesday. With polling numbers like the ones we are seeing, those additional TV spots could be critical.

But we can’t write the checks Monday without knowing we have the funds. Please go to this weekend and contribute what you can. Time is obviously short, but your contribution before Monday morning will let us hit the airwaves with the additional advertising we need to finish as strongly as possible.

I’m on my way to Washington DC for two final debates and some last-minute media appearances. I hope I can count on you to go to today and help us hit that important 5%!

Thanks for your support and your friendship. This is exciting!

Governor Gary Johnson

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