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Salem Patch — ‘Johnson Pedals into Salem’

October 11, 2011Posted in Blog, Gov. Gary Johnson, New Hampshire, Small Government

From  Salem Patch By  Jake O’Donnell

Continuing his week-long bike tour of New Hampshire Tuesday, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson stopped at Salem shop Cycles Etc. to get some rest on the final day of the tour.

Johnson has been going all across the state since last week on a nearly 500-mile trek for his presidential campaign. He was joined Tuesday morning by his fiance, Kate Prusack, his son, Erik, and supporter John Foster of Baton Rouge, La.

Michael Yopp of Pelham said he is supporting Johnson because he’s a “do-er, not a talker” like many of the other 2012 GOP presidential candidates.

“I’m tired of listening to them, I want to see them get it done,” said Yopp, a retired U.S. Navy deep sea diver and entrepreneur who was showing Johnson his product, Pole Minders. The product is an attachment for ski poles that allows skiers to hang their poles over the safety bar on a chairlift and free their hands.

Johnson, who is a skier, appeared impressed with the product.

Foster had heard of Johnson and was intrigued by his consistent positions on issues he agreed with. When Foster learned of the ride, he felt compelled to join Johnson for a portion of it.

“Riding with him for three days, he’s the real deal,” said Foster, who was sporting a Gary Johnson 2012 bike jersey. “The guy is totally authentic, totally who he says he is. I’ve hung out with a few politicians in Louisiana and some people are different in public as in real life. This guy is the same.”

Foster said when Johnson says he’ll balance a budget and veto any spending in excess of that, it’s not “bluster.”

Johnson will wrap up the bike tour today in Milford. Yesterday he summed up his feelings on not being able to participate in tonight’s debate in Hanover in two words: “It sucks.”

See the full article here.

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