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Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson’s Statement Regarding House Passage of Debt Limit Legislation

July 29, 2011Posted in Blog, Debt Ceiling, Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue, Spending, Twitter

Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson released the following statement regarding the House passage of debt limit legislation.

“Having served as a Republican governor in a Democrat state with a Democrat legislature, I understand the challenge of divided government.  I would have voted against the House-passed debt limit bill; it simply does not cut enough spending.  But at least the Republican House came up with something and voted on it.

“The President and the Senate, on the other hand, have done nothing except hold news conferences and lay blame on everyone from the Tea Party to George W. Bush.  ‘We don’t know what we want, but this ain’t it’ is not the approach to leadership the American people want and deserve.  The federal budget can be balanced, and it can be balanced now, if only someone in Washington would actually show some courage and commitment to putting our financial house in order.”ourage and commitment to putting our financial house in order.”

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