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Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson To Speak At The National Press Club Luncheon August 19

August 3, 2011Posted in Blog, Facebook, Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue, Liberty, Twitter

August 3, 2011, Santa Fe, NM – Presidential candidate Gary Johnson will address the National Press Club luncheon Friday, August 19th in Washington DC discussing individual liberties as they relate to the Republican Party. The topic and title of Governor Johnson’s speech will be “Republicans and social issues: We are either FOR limited government — or not.”

The format will consists of a 20-minute address followed by 30 minutes of questions sent up from the audience in writing. The Luncheon will be served at 12:30 p.m., with the speech beginning at 1 p.m. and ending at 2 p.m. To reserve tickets, please contact the National Press Club by e-mail [email protected] or call 202-662-7501. Tickets must be paid for at time of reservation. Cost of tickets is $18 for Press Club members, $29, for guests of members, and $36 for general admission.

To submit a question in advance, put JOHNSON in the subject line and email to [email protected] before 10 a.m. on the day of the luncheon.

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