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Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Releases Web-ad On Taxes

September 1, 2011Posted in Blog, Facebook, Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue, Small Government, Spending, Taxes, Twitter, YouTube

Today presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson drew a line in the sand on taxes, with his latest web ad.  He stated clearly, “I’m not going to raise your taxes.”  Gov. Johnson, who issued a record 750 vetoes and whom National Review Online dubbed “the best job creator of them all,” understands that the key to economic growth is keeping government depredation upon private citizens at an absolute minimum.

“I’m going to do a better job at balancing revenues and expenditures,” Gov. Johnson says in the video, pointing to his unmatched record as Governor of New Mexico.  “Ultimately, taxes are being paid for with your and my freedom, because we have to spend more time to earn the money to pay for those taxes.”

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