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Presidential candidate Gary Johnson issues statment on President Obama’s Afghanistan adress

June 22, 2011Posted in Afghanistan, Blog, Gov. Gary Johnson

June 22, 2011, Sante Fe, NM – Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson released the following statement in response to President Obama’s Afghanistan address:

“While bringing any of our troops home from Afghanistan is a good thing, the President’s plan is not much more than lip-service to his pledge to begin withdrawing by this summer.  Only reducing troop numbers to pre-surge levels, and taking a year to do it, is not acceptable to the growing number of Americans, like me, who get the reality that there is no compelling reason to risk another life or another dollar in a conflict that has no end — and no remaining national security justification.  Thanks to our quick and totally justified action in 2001, al Qaeda essentially left Afghanistan nine years ago.  We should have done the same.”

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