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$800 Billion…or $800 Billion

December 5, 2012Posted in Blog, News

$800 Billion…or $800 Billion

December 5, 2012




Have you been watching the insanity in Washington about the so-called Fiscal Cliff?

If so, you are seeing the same thing I am:  It is all a concoction by the status quo politicians to distract us from the REAL cliff we are headed for.

To listen to the politicians in both parties, you would believe this is all about taxes.  Somehow, the nation is approaching financial calamity because the government isn’t getting enough of our money.  And the two “sides” have managed to create the illusion that the debate is over how to best increase “revenues”.  (In Washington, of course, increasing revenue means turning more of our dollars into THEIR dollars.)

Here is how the charade is playing out:  President Obama is demanding that the so-called Bush tax cuts be allowed to expire for what he calls the wealthy to produce $800 billion in more “revenue” for the government.  In what only a politician could call a negotiation, the Republican Speaker of the House has countered with an offer to – you guessed it – raise revenues (taxes) by $800 billion.

If this wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.

The only difference between the two “sides” is what they want to call their plan for the government to suck almost another trillion dollars out of the private economy to finance their wars, their take-over of our health care, and the never-ending erosions of our freedom.

Obama wants to call this money-grab a “rate increase” for the wealthy.  Speaker Boehner wants to call it “closing loopholes”.  I’m not seeing the difference.  The money all ends up coming from the same place.  Ask a school teacher or a construction worker how many “loopholes” they used last year to reduce their tax bill.

So why are the grown men and women in Washington playing this ridiculous parlor game?  It’s simple. They don’t want to talk about the real problem: Government is too big and does too much – and therefore spends too much.  And they certainly don’t want to talk about REAL tax reform, such as scrapping the income tax altogether and replacing it with a consumption tax.  Without their spending and their loopholes and complex rates, the politicians would lose the opportunity to pass out favors to their friends – and that is not something they want to give up, even at the cost of destroying the economy.

Right now, we need to be demanding that the politicians stop the games and deal with the real issues:  Deficit spending as far as the eye can see and a debt that is already more than $16 trillion.  The claim by Obama – and bought into by the Republicans – that we can’t balance the federal budget without raising taxes is nonsense.  Stop the wars, have a serious debate about Medicare and other entitlements,  stop sending borrowed dollars to other countries, and spending can absolutely be brought into line with revenues – without raising taxes on anybody, rich or poor.

Restoring Liberty as a cornerstone of America starts with making government smaller.  And making government smaller starts with drawing a line and stopping the politicians from taking more of our money.  More money for them means more government imposed on us.

I’m ready to draw that line – and I hope you will join me.  Your contribution at the today will let me communicate the message of liberty on behalf of millions of Americans who are not today being heard.  The next three weeks, when the politicians will be making their deals, is critical.

Please go to today so that we can give voice to REAL solutions: Cutting spending, cutting government and saying NO to more taxes.

The politicians in the White House and Congress won’t tell the truth, so we must!

Thank you,

Governor Gary Johnson 


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