Aug 31
Gary Johnson likes being called “the most interesting Republican you’ve never heard of” and a probable candidate for president.

Republican Gary Johnson, an unofficial candidate for president of the United States
An article that appeared in the online magazine Salon calling him both of those things “said it all,” he told The Des Moines Register today.

Johnson, the former governor of Democrat-heavy New Mexico, has visited 26 states since December, hoping to attract attention. He’s not officially campaigning, but has a 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy organization that lets him raise money and share political opinions.

And what he says isn’t always might might be expected: He was full of optimism when Barack Obama was elected but is disappointed the president hasn’t ended the war in Iraq. He believes it would be senseless to post National Guard members along the full U.S.-Mexico border. Most of all, he believes that government spending needs to be slashed.

“The biggest issue facing the country today is the fact that we’re bankrupt,” he said. “I think people are outraged over it and I kind of put myself as first on the list of being outraged over that.”

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written by Elwar