Sep 08
DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Despite two terms as governor of New Mexico and recent visits to 26 states, most Americans have never heard of Gary Johnson.

The former Republican governor is mulling a run for president, and his libertarian views and small government platform fit the disenchantment many voters feel toward Washington. Among his supporters is Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul, who drew a committed following in his 2008 campaign for president and was quoted in the conservative online website The Daily Caller as saying if he didn't run again in 2012, the best candidate would be Johnson.

Johnson says he knows most people have never heard of him, but he's hoping to change that.

"There are two courses of action. One would be to do nothing and the other would be to burn some shoe leather and see what happens," Johnson told The Associated Press during a recent stop in Davenport. "I'm burning some shoe leather."

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written by Elwar