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Libertarian Presidential Ticket Endorses Freedom To Marry Act In Ohio

August 6, 2012Posted in Blog, News




August 4, 2012, Toledo, OH – Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee Judge Jim Gray today urged Ohio voters to place the proposed Freedom to Marry amendment on the 2013 statewide ballot and to approve it. Gray endorsed the measure on behalf of both himself and presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

Judge Gray announced the Libertarian ticket’s support for Freedom to Marry at a news conference Saturday morning at the County Courthouse in Toledo.

Gray said, “Unlike Mitt Romney or President Obama, Governor Johnson and I believe the right to marry who we choose is a constitutionally protected right. People of different faiths and different beliefs are free to follow those beliefs when it comes to embracing or opposing same-sex marriage within those faiths and beliefs. However, it should not be the purview of government to impose one set of beliefs over another. And government absolutely should not sanction discrimination against gay Americans who choose to marry.

“Ohio’s Freedom to Marry amendment is an important step toward marriage equality in a key state. Governor Johnson and I are proud to lend our support, and urge the good people of Ohio to put their state on the side of equality and against government being in the business of deciding who can marry whom.”

Ian James, Co-Founder, FreedomOhio, said, “The FreedomOhio movement is honored to have Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray’s endorsement of the Freedom to Marry and Religious Freedom amendment.

“Ohioans know marriage helps committed couples take care of each other and their families. Marriage is a public promise that allows a couple to build a life together based upon love and commitment,” James continued.

“The seismic shifts in public opinion on marriage equality make it clear: It’s time to grant two loving and committed adults the freedom to marry, while ensuring religious institutions have the freedom to perform or recognize a marriage.

“Ohio’s Midwestern values are the secret ingredients for success of this amendment.”

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