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Letter: This Cannot Be A Coincidence

July 18, 2012Posted in Blog, News, Polling

Judge Jim Gray, Libertarian Nominee for Vice-President of the United States, sent the following letter to Gary Johnson supporters earlier today:



This cannot be a coincidence. Yesterday, our 15% Money Bomb, with a goal to raise $10,000 for every percentage point needed to get Governor Johnson to 15%, hit $53,000. And yesterday, the news hit that a new Zogby poll shows him with 5.3%!

Whether you believe in omens or not, this is truly exciting. The Zogby poll is generating a LOT of buzz in political circles – as it should. And with more than $50,000 raised in a few short days, our Money Bomb is generating some serious buzz as well. Check our progress today here: $150,000 for 15%.

But, while $50,000 in a few days is great, it is only 1/3 of the way to our goal of $150,000. We have much to do, and cannot let our momentum slow down. We don’t agree with the idea that a national “Commission” on presidential debates, appointed by Republicans and Democrats, should be allowed to set an arbitrary 15% polling threshold for inclusion in this fall’s debates – a threshold clearly designed to exclude Governor Johnson. But, that is the number they have picked, and we are determined give Governor Johnson a podium on that national debate stage.

That takes funding – a lot of it. And $150,000 will pay for radio advertising and the other tools we need in key states to make it impossible for the media elites to ignore Governor Johnson’s qualifications, his message of financially restraint and social tolerance, and the impact he IS having.

If you haven’t – or even if you have - please go to today and move the needle toward $150,000. As Governor Johnson’s proud and excited running mate and the Libertarian Party’s nominee for Vice-President, I can personally assure you that Governor Johnson and I are working non-stop to put liberty and economic freedom back on the national agenda. And I can tell you that folks all across the country are ready to get behind our campaign – if we can pull together the resources to reach out to them.

We’ll never have the corporate buddies or special interest money Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have, but we have YOU. And that’s all we need. Go to right now and make whatever contribution you can. $35 will buy a 30 second radio spot in some of our key markets. And that spot will reach thousands of voters. Every dollar counts.

Thanks, and let’s move the needle!

Judge Jim Gray
Libertarian Nominee for Vice-President of the United States.


P.S. As you may know, a dedicated group of our supporters traveled to Atlanta a couple of days ago to let CNN know that we will not be ignored. That kind of dedication, along with your contribution, will put us on the national stage.

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