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Johnson on the end of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”: Welcome, but long overdue

September 20, 2011Posted in Blog, DADT, Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue

September 20, 2011, Manchester, NH — Presidential candidate Gary Johnson today applauded the official end of the military’s ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy as a step forward for fairness and equal rights.  In a statement, Johnson said, “Today, the United States joins the overwhelming majority of modern nations by allowing gay Americans to enlist and serve in the military without having to live lies and deny who they are.  That is long overdue, and good news.”

Johnson, who advocated strongly for the repeal of DADT by Congress, went on to say, “The idea that our professional service men and women could not serve effectively with gay colleagues has long been unfair, and just wrong.  Over the past several years, we have lost thousands of volunteer defenders of freedom to a policy that, on its face, ran counter to the American principles of equality and, yes, freedom.  It took far too long to get here, but this is a great day.”

“One of those Americans who was unjustly discharged from the military is Daniel Choi, who has been an important voice in this entire debate.  He says it best: ‘This is not a victory for one party or another. This is a victory for every individual protected under the constitution and every individual that raises their right hand to protect the constitution.’”

Choi also cited Johnson’s support for the repeal of DADT, saying, “Governor Johnson has been a courageous leader in the battle to end DADT”

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