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Johnson collects miles and tries to win votes on his bicycle in N.H.

October 6, 2011Posted in Blog, Facebook, Gov. Gary Johnson, Interview, New Hampshire

From Boston Globe By Shira Schoenberg

MILFORD, N.H. - Wearing a lightning-patterned cycling jersey and black bike shorts, Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson donned his helmet this afternoon and set off on his bike across New Hampshire.

“I’ll ride every mile regardless of conditions,” Johnson promised.

The former New Mexico governor, who has completed triathlons and scaled Mount Everest, plans to ride 458 miles over six days. He’ll be stopping in 26 cities, hosting town hall meetings, visiting businesses, and speaking to Rotary clubs, diner customers and the New Hampshire House of Representatives. For company on the trail, Johnson has his fiancée Kate Prusak and his 29-year-old son Erik.

The distance, for Johnson, is the easy part. He’s ridden the same distance in 24 hours, he said. The hard part will be getting the word out: Johnson’s running for president. He’s a serious candidate with a record. He deserves to be heard.

So far, Johnson has qualified for two debates – and been excluded from five. Some polls haven’t even included his name, though he’s gotten 2 percent support in the polls that have. It’s been a disappointment for the small-government, libertarian-leaning, two-term Republican governor. Johnson compared it to learning as a child that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. “Running for president, I thought I’d have a seat at the table, my name would be in the polls,” Johnson said in an interview. “I thought at a minimum I’d be included, be on stage. I’m not in these polls to be given the chance to be onstage.”

So how will Johnson seek to distinguish himself? “Maybe I’ll have to do a 475 mile ride across New Hampshire, going to 26 different towns, doing town halls every night,” he said.

Maybe he will.

See full article here.

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