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Johnson Campaign: National Media Snubs Continue

October 5, 2011Posted in Blog, Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue, New Hampshire

If you want to let Bloomberg or The Washington Post know you would like to see Gary Johnson in their debate contact them at [email protected] or [email protected]

October 5, 2011, Manchester, NH — With the announcement by Bloomberg and the Washington Post of participants in next week’s Republican presidential debate at Dartmouth, Governor Gary Johnson’s campaign is continuing to question the motives of the national media for excluding the two-term New Mexico governor from not only debates, but the polls frequently used to determine who is in their debates.

Senior Johnson campaign advisor Ron Nielson said in a statement released today, “Somewhere, news media executives are sitting around trying to decide for the Republican Party who their choices for President should be.  They decide who to include in polls, and then use those polls – presumably, in the case of Bloomberg and the Washington Post – to determine who is allowed on their debate stages.  The result is that Gary Johnson, a successful two-term governor, is not heard or seen.

“Next week’s debate is supposedly to focus on the economy and jobs.  National publications of all stripes have recognized that, of all the governors running for the nomination, Gary Johnson’s record of job creation and cutting government spending is unsurpassed.  Yet, he is excluded.  That makes no sense.

“When there are other candidates invited whose performance in the polls are within the margin of error to be at 0% support, by what logic is Gary Johnson not included?

“We have not heard a word from the organizers of next week’s debate.  Like everyone else, we simply read in the press that the list of participants does not include Governor Johnson.  That’s unacceptable.

“Our efforts to understand what is going on have failed.  Perhaps it is time for actual voters to begin asking the questions and letting the national media know that they can make their own choices – they don’t need the folks at Bloomberg or the Washington Post to ‘screen’ the Republican field for them. “

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