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Johnson Campaign Demands Fairness In Debates

November 3, 2011Posted in Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue, Liberty

November 3, 2011, Santa Fe, NM — Charging that “once again, a national news network has arbitrarily excluded Governor Johnson from a televised debate”, Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign is urging supporters, Republicans and CNBC viewers to let the network know that fairness demands he be included in next week’s Republican presidential debate in Michigan.

Ron Nielson, senior advisor to the Johnson campaign, said in a statement, “As we have expressed to the Republican National Committee, it is a continuing travesty of fairness that a national network can set the Republican presidential field by imposing arbitrary criteria which systematically exclude Governor Johnson.

“Even worse, it appears to us that CNBC isn’t even using their own criteria fairly. They claim that the requirements for next week’s debate are that a candidate has formally announced that he is running and has achieved 3% in a recognized national poll. Gary Johnson has done both. In a May Gallup poll - before being shut out of several debates - Governor Johnson registered 3% support. And, of course, he formally announced his intention to run in April. So, where is our invitation?

“Of course, NBC is the same network who, in September, mysteriously came up with a 4% polling threshold when Gary Johnson was polling at 3%, prompting commentators to speculate about a ‘Gary Johnson Rule’ for keeping him out of debates.

“Our appeals to the likes of CNBC for fairness are obviously falling on deaf ears. These debate sponsors need to hear from the public that, whether you support Gary Johnson or not, as a two-term governor with an unsurpassed record of curbing the size and scope of government, he deserves to be heard. We demand that Governor Johnson be treated fairly, and that this arbitrary exclusion from the process end.

“Just last night, more than 10,000 people joined an on-line video chat with Governor Johnson sponsored by Yowie. That should tell CNBC and others that voters are anxious to hear what he has to say, if given the opportunity. “

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