Let's Talk About The Issues

Energy & the Environment

Clean air, clean water and a healthy environment are important to all Americans. Affordable energy is critical not only to our quality of life, but to economic prosperity.

When it comes to the environment, the Federal government’s responsibility is no different than in other aspects of our lives. It is simply to protect us from those who would do us harm and damage our property. There are bad actors who would pollute our water supplies and our air if allowed to do so, and we must have laws and regulations to protect innocent Americans from the harm those bad actors would do. However, common sense must prevail, and the costs of all regulations must be weighed against the benefits.

The government should simply stay out of the business of trying to promote or “manage” energy development. The marketplace will meet our energy needs in the most economical and efficient manner possible – if government will stay out of the way.


Stop Picking Winners & Losers in the Energy Business


  • Cap and Trade schemes, tax subsidies, and government efforts to steer us to one energy source over another are inherently inefficient, disrupt the market, and ultimately impose costs we cannot afford.
  • Nowhere in the Constitution is the government given the power to manipulate our behavior as consumers or producers of energy.


Apply Common Sense to Environmental Regulation

ESSENTIAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION DOES NOT REQUIRE DESTROYING jobs, infringing on property rights, or curtailing freedom.

  • Insisting on a basic cost-benefit analysis for regulations will restore an appropriate balance and common sense to environmental policy.
  • Much of what government does in the name of environmental protection is really an effort to impose values on property owners, consumers and individuals. Protecting us from harm does not require the government to manage our lives, our businesses or our farms.