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Is The Presidential Debate Stage Too Small To Include Gary Johnson?

August 31, 2011Posted in Blog, Gov. Gary Johnson, Liberty, Twitter

August, 31, 2011, Salt Lake City, UT - “If the Reagan library doesn’t have room for Gary Johnson at next week’s debate, maybe they need a bigger stage”, says Johnson campaign senior advisor Ron Nielson. According to the most recent CNN/ORC national poll, Gary Johnson is ahead or tied with three of the invited participants in next week’s debate sponsored by NBC, Politico and the Reagan Foundation. However, Johnson has not been invited to participate?

Nielson said, “If Governor Johnson’s exclusion is because there isn’t enough room or not enough microphones, just let us know and we will be happy to bring our own. Even if the national elite media doesn’t want to hear his ideas for balancing the budget now, cutting defense spending, or keeping the government out of so-called social issues, just tell us.  But, do not try to justify his exclusion by saying he should have registered at 4% in a poll several months ago instead of 3%.  That excuse just doesn’t fly, especially when the result is to muzzle a successful two-term governor who is doing just as well in recent polls as others who are invited.”

“Our supporters, numerous commentators, even Neil Cavuto on Fox Business, are all questioning Governor Johnson’s exclusion, and for good reason.  In fact, one commentator is even referring to a ‘Gary Johnson Rule’, meaning criteria that seems designed to keep Gary Johnson off the Presidential debate stage.”

Please contact Lizz Renda at [email protected] or 801.303.7924 to schedule an interview with Gary Johnson.  For more information visit

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About Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson: Gary Johnson, a Republican and two-term Governor of New Mexico from 1994-2002, has been a consistent and outspoken advocate for limited, efficient government and personal liberty.

personal liberty.

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