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House “Hangouts” Become Feature of New Hampshire Campaign

September 18, 2011Posted in Blog, Event, Gov. Gary Johnson, New Hampshire

Hardy Macia has been one of my most generous and helpful supporters since I embarked on this adventure, but this time he has really outdone himself. Last night, with Hardy’s help, I was able to attend a “hangout” not only with friends and supporters in New Hampshire, but with supporters and interested voters nationwide.

Using the “hangouts” feature of Google Plus, I was able to sit in a living room in Candia, New Hampshire, and chat face-to-face with people all over the United States.

Is this the future of politics? I think I like it!

Our second “hangout” will take place Tuesday evening (9/20) from 8-10pm EST at the University of New Hampshire. For more information on how you can join us, wherever you are, visit the “House Hangouts” page at

I hope to see you soon, either in person or on-screen!


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