Host a House Hangout with Gary Johnson

Thank you for your interest in hosting a house party for Governor Johnson!

You are joining Americans across the country who have hosted house parties to spread the word about Gary Johnson. Our campaign is truly people “people-powered,” and it is through grassroots efforts like House Hangouts that we’ll take back our country.

This page has more information for planning your party.

Remember: we’re here to assist you with planning your event. Give us a call at 1-801-303-7922 or e-mail us at [email protected].

The Hangout Team

About House Hangouts:

House parties are a traditional way for voters to meet and learn about candidates. Due to the size of our country it’s not realistic for Governor Johnson to attend every house party so the campaign is going high tech. You can hangout with and ask questions directly to Governor Johnson via live video chat.

Their are three goals of the house hangouts: 1) let more people hear directly from Governor Johnson, 2) raise money for his campaign, and 3) build up local grassroot networks of supports around the country.

Anyone can watch and participate in the event on the live feed which is put up live on the evening of the event at

Upcoming Internet Town Hall Dates:

September 19, 7:30PM EST and again at 7:30PM PST
(Fund raiser telethon/video winner announcement)

Party Planning Checklist:

  1. Add your hangout to the map, to let others in your area know about your event.
  2. Take advantage of online party planning tools and invitations (evite, Facebook,…).
  3. Plan your refreshments & decorations. Feel free to keep it simple — chips and dip or cheese and crackers are fine.
  4. Test your equipment. We are using Yowie to host the Internet Town Halls. Set up your account on Yowie, you can use a Facebook login to connect. Update to the current version of Adobe Flash Player. Don’t be surprised the day of the party.
  5. Remind people right before the party. Call everyone again a few days before the party. Don’t let people forget!
  6. Set up your sign-in table. Make sure you have plenty of sign-in sheets and contribution forms.
  7. Make sure all contribution forms are fully completed and signed.
  8. Enjoy the party! If your party includes live video chat, test your computer speakers and be sure to connect a few minutes before it starts.
  9. Send contributions and your sign-in sheets. Contributions MUST be postmarked the next day. Mail to: Gary Johnson 2012, Attn: House Hangouts, PO Box 1985, Salt Lake City, UT 84110


Here are some tips to make your party a success.


Decide what size party you want to host. Remember: many people will be out of town and even people who say yes may find that they can’t attend. Start with a big list of people to invite to ensure that you reach your goal. For big parties, consider asking fellow Johnson supporters to co-host. They can invite their friends and help you the day of the party.

Consider using an online event center such as to manage your party. You can send e-mails, accept RSVPs, and track your progress.

Join the online host community. Meet other hosts at Hangout Organizers for Gary Johnson on Facebook. Exchange party planning tips and get advice to make your party successful.

Ask everyone you invite to contribute, even if they can’t attend. Every contribution helps you get one step closer to your goal.

Encourage online contributions. Ask your guests to contribute online before the party. This makes the party much easier for you to manage.

Want literature, buttons or bumper stickers? Go to TODAY and look for your house party kits. Order early.


Contact your state or regional coordinator to let them know you are hosting a party. They might know people near you who might be interested in attending or helping your organize it.

Make sure you have plenty of contribution forms and sign-in sheets. You can photocopy materials in this kit. You can also go to to download fact sheets on issues you’re interested in. You may also want to have name tags.


Designate a volunteer to sign each guest in and to make sure contribution forms are complete. Every contribution, no matter the amount, must be accompanied by a fully completed and signed contribution form. Ask for a contribution at the sign in table.

Join the Internet Town Hall by going to

Decide when to do the “ASK.” Timing is everything. If you don’t ask, people won’t give.
See the fundraising tips below for ideas.

Hand each guest a contribution form. Some parties do this when guests arrive, some right before the “ASK.”


Once you decide to throw a house party, the next step is to start inviting your guests. Guests can come from all walks of life—friends, family, and coworkers are just the beginning. Inviting a variety of people means you can spread the word about Johnson more effectively. There are many people interested in attending a party like you will be having.

Use these tips to grow your guest list:


Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors and let them know why you support Johnson. Ask them to attend your party to learn more about Johnson and to support his campaign. You don’t have to limit yourself to people you see daily. Take a look through your address book or use the Internet to renew connections with old friends. Why not invite your friend from college who lives near by? Or the cousin you haven’t seen in a couple of years? What about your grocer, dry cleaner, or plumber you may not see regularly at work?

Remember to ask each person who accepts your invitation to bring along a friend.

You’ll increase your guest list and potential contributors to the campaign, and they’ll feel more comfortable with a friend in tow.


You can ask a few Johnson supporters to be official co-hosts or you can simply ask some of your friends to help you spread the word. Give them invitations and e-mails and ask them to send them to people they know.


You will want to invite other guests in addition to your family and friends to have a successful party. You may meet people interested in attending your house party as you go through your day. Bring along a handful of party invitations and flyers to hand out to those you meet. Printing invitations that you can keep in your wallet is one way to make sure you’ve always got an invitation with you. Post your flyer on the message boards of places you visit regularly—the library, grocery store or coffee house, for example.


Don’t forget to let your online acquaintances know about your party. Link to your party page in your e-mail signature so that every time you send an e-mail, you also send an invitation to your party. Create a Facebook event. Be sure to let your fellow Johnson supporters and local Johnson e-mail groups/Facebook pages know about your party, too.


“Contributions to Gary Johnson 2012 are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.”


You’ll find ready-to-use flyers, invitations, and e-vites at A team of volunteers have created invitations you can easily customize for your party — simply select the invitation you like, fill in your message, and print or e-mail.

You can also create your own invitations or buy invitations from a party store.


For many hosts, doing the “Ask” is the most difficult part of putting on a house party. After all, most of us are not professional fundraisers. Volunteer writers interviewed successful hosts to bring you these ideas and tips.

Don’t be shy about asking for money. Don’t apologize and don’t be embarrassed. Raising money is the primary reason you’re hosting this party. Be upfront about your intentions; your guests will appreciate your candor. Impress the reality of today’s political landscape upon your invitees and attendees: No Republican presidential nominee can expect to beat Barack Obama without significant resources. Be sure to mention that Obama, who is running unopposed in the primaries, is expected to amass a war chest of one billion dollars!


This is a built-in feature on your party page that you can customize. Set your goals based upon your audience. Noel in Texas recommends, “Don’t make the suggested contribution too low. People will generally give only what they feel is expected of them.” Can your guests afford $100? Make that your recommended contribution. But don’t discourage small donations! Hardy Macia in New Hampshire reports that he has had success printing personal invitations that ask for $5 even if the person cannot attend the party. He carries them with him everywhere and hands them out to people who seem interested in supporting Governor Johnson or beating Obama.


Include a thermometer filled in with the contributions received before the party. Add contributions as people make them so that everyone can see the progress. Put a sign right at the sign-up table that describes suggested contribution levels. If you’ve received many contributions in advance, put up a sign that says something like “70% of online contributions were more than $100!”


Start by handing out contribution forms at the sign-in table. Have a friend or co-host at the table who can sign people in and request contributions. Have plenty of contribution forms on hand. Make sure that EVERY donation is accompanied by a signed, completed contribution form.

Ask for contributions before the scheduled activity, video chat, or conference call. During your party welcome your guests, introduce your host committee, tell people why you’re supporting Johnson, and ASK FOR A CONTRIBUTION. This last task is sometimes the hardest for party hosts. Remember why you are hosting a party. Gary Johnson 2012 can’t continue to get Governor Johnson’s message out to voters without resources—dollars are crucial to any campaign. Contributions from $10 to $2,500 are all absolutely necessary and very much appreciated.


“If you’ve heard anything today that speaks to you, please do what you can to keep Governor Johnson’s voice in the race. If you’ve never contributed before, you’re not alone—many of Governor Johnson’s supporters are first-time political contributors. If you have already contributed to Gary Johnson 2012, please consider giving again.”

Of course, use your own words. Are you a first-time activist? Is this your first political house party? Why do you contribute to Gary Johnson 2012? Have you contributed multiple times? Nothing is more compelling than your own story, as told by you! Include it in your Ask!

Ask for contributions again during the party. Don’t want to do the “ask” twice? Ask a fellow Johnson supporter to do an “ask” for you. Have contribution forms available and pass them out again after the call.

Finally, be extra grateful and courteous. Don’t over-pressure people but never feel guilty about asking people to help the cause. After all, the money doesn’t go to you personally. It will help all Americans and their futures. Enthusiasm is infectious!

NEVER accept cash. Credit card, check, money order only.

Checks payable to Gary Johnson 2012 only!

Each person MUST complete a contribution form each time they contribute. Contributors must include OCCUPATION and EMPLOYER. Do not alter the contribution form.

Encourage your guests to plan house parties. Several fun national events are coming up. Let people know how easy it is to host a party. Share the names of people who are interested in hosting or attending a future party with your state house party coordinator.


Place checks, fully completed and signed contribution forms, and sign-in sheets in envelope. (If possible, copy sign-in sheets first for your state coordinator. But do NOT delay mailing your envelope to make copies.)


Rest, relax and congratulate yourself for your part in taking our country back!


Gary Johnson 2012
ATTN: House Hangouts
PO Box 1985
Salt Lake City, UT 84110


Please take a moment to read the following fundraising guidelines. Please be aware that fundraising for a presidential campaign is regulated by the Federal Election Commission. We’re happy that you wish to help raise money for Governor Johnson’s campaign, but we need your cooperation in ensuring compliance with FEC regulations. You can do so by following a few simple rules (complete information is available at By continuing, you agree to follow these rules.

  • As coordinator of an event, I acknowledge that I am volunteering my time and efforts, but am not otherwise affiliated with the campaign.
  • I have not been authorized to act as an agent or representative of the campaign, and I am, in fact, coordinating my event independently from the campaign.
  • I am not authorized to represent myself as an official of the campaign.
  • If I hold a house party fundraiser, I will comply with the legal requirements pertaining to the raising of money, including all contributions limitations and prohibitions. (Visit for more information).
  • I acknowledge that I am not authorized to raise any money on behalf of the campaign that does not comply with all federal contribution limitations, prohibitions and reporting requirements.
  • If I spend any money to hold a campaign event, I will comply with the legal requirements pertaining to the expenditure of that money, including any applicable reporting  requirements (visit for more information).

The Gary Johnson 2012 (GJ2012) website contains specific legal disclaimer language that must be included in ALL solicitations. There is also a printable contribution form that contains all of the required language. This language may not be changed; if you change it in any way, GJ2012 may not be able to accept the money that has been raised. Thus, the GJ2012 website should be used for all credit card contributions, and, if you are collecting checks, a GJ2012 contribution form should be given to and completed by all donors to accompany their checks.

  • Checks:If you are collecting checks, please send them directly to the campaign. Any person who forwards contributions to the campaign may be obligated to file reports with the FEC as an individual conduit. He/she must report the following information for each contribution in excess of $200:
    1. the contributor’s name and mailing address
    2. the contributor’s occupation and employer
    3. the amount
    4. the date you received each contribution
    5. the date each contribution was forwarded to the campaign.

These reports must be filed each time contributions are forwarded. (Visit for more information).

  • Credit Cards: If you are asking individuals to contribute with their own personal credit card via the GJ2012 website, you need not file the above-mentioned reports when the individuals contribute directly. Thus, we recommend that you have individuals contribute directly through the website directly, so that all legal requirements regarding the acceptability of their contribution may be met.
  • In your home: If you are hosting an event in your own home, you may spend up to $1,000 ($2,000 per couple) for the event (food, beverage and invitations) without it counting toward your contribution amount. This is not considered an in-kind to GJ2012; it is exempt from those rules. You may still make a personal contribution of the maximum amount. However, if you exceed the house party amount of $1,000 ($2,000 per couple), you must comply with all applicable rules pertaining to in-kind contributions. (Visit for more information).
  • At your business: This exemption for events at your home does not apply to businesses or other venues that are not your personal residence.
  • Other expenses: You are not authorized to pay for any other campaign expenses from your personal funds.
  • Donated goods and services: Do not accept goods or services for free or at less than their usual or normal value. If you accept such goods or services (such as postage, printing, copying, or courier services), you may be accepting an illegal corporate contribution.
  • Business donations: Do not use any business stationery or your business title in connection with your campaign volunteer activity.

No contributions exceeding the following limits may be accepted:

  • Individual: Each individual may contribute a maximum of $2,500 in total money for the primary. No individuals may contribute more than $100 in cash.
  • Married couple: Each individual may contribute up to $2,500. If a check is drawn on a joint account, the contribution is attributed to the individual signing the check (unless the parties indicate in writing that it should be attributed to both account holders). If the check is signed by both parties, the contribution will be attributed to them equally.
  • Partnership:A total of $2,500 for the primary. Please note that no portion of a contribution by a partnership may be made from the profits of a corporation that is a partner (i.e., a professional corporation). Contributions made by a partnership with non-corporate profits counts against two limits: once against the partnership limit and once against each individual partner’s limit. This means that a check written on a partnership account may not exceed $2,500 regardless of the number of partners contributing.

    However, the individual partners may write personal checks for any additional amount they have left in their personal $2,500 contribution limit. (For example, if the partnership check is for $2,500 and is attributed to each of four partners in the amount of $500, then each partner could also make an additional contribution from his or her personal checking account up to $1500).

Contributions from the following persons or entities both monetary and in-kind are prohibited either by law or campaign policy:

  • Corporations: No check should be accepted with the words “Inc,”"Corp,”"P.C.”"Ltd” or similar words suggesting a corporate account, and corporations cannot provide goods or services for free or at less than the normal and usual charge. No one may use a corporate credit card to make a contribution.
  • Foreign Nationals: Foreign nationals may not contribute unless they are permanent resident aliens, i.e., individuals who are “green card” holders. Otherwise, only U.S. citizens may contribute.
  • Reimbursed contributions: A person cannot make a contribution in the name of another, and any contribution where the donor is reimbursed in any form for making a contribution either before or after making the contribution is prohibited. No one may use another individual’s credit card to make a contribution in their own name. A person may only use their own individual credit card for which they have a personal legal obligation to pay.
  • Government Contractors: Government contractors are those persons or entities that are negotiating for or have a contract to provide goods, services or property to the United States government and may not contribute. However, for corporations that are  government contractors, their employees may still contribute their own personal funds.
  • Anonymous donors: Anonymous donations are not acceptable.
  • Cash donations: Do not accept cash donations.
  • Federal Employees: You may not solicit in person, by mail or by telephone from persons  who are in a federal office building.

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First ever House Hangout with Gary Johnson

Governor Johnson hanging out on G+

It was a beautiful day to sit and chat about the challenges facing America

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