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Gov. Johnson Wows In NPR Interview, Spurring Donations

May 25, 2011Posted in Gov. Gary Johnson, Interview

If you haven’t heard it already, take a few minutes to give it a listen. It’s the interview that has everyone talking – and Facebook “likes” skyrocketing into the stratosphere: Governor Gary Johnson’s absolutely rib-tickling appearance on NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!:

As host Peter Sagal said in his introduction: “Gary Johnson built a construction business from nothing; then became a two-term Republican governor of a Democratic-leaning state, New Mexico. He cut taxes and put the budget in surplus. He has competed in triathlons and climbed Everest. He lives in a house he built himself. And he once put out a forest fire with his feet.”

If you believe, as many Americans are coming to believe, that Governor Johnson is the best leader for our nation, consider a generous donation as a show of support:

Sagal went on to say:

“We looked you up and we were amazed. You are like - if we had like a campaign consultant draw up the ideal candidate, it would be you. You are fiscally conservative, which is absolutely essential these days. You cut taxes in New Mexico. You vetoed all these budgets - I mean you actually held the record for vetoes nationally, right, during your two terms?

…I just want to say, I mean one of the things you hear a lot about in presidential primaries is toughness, how tough is he. And you’ve got this locked. You’ve done four or five Hawaii Ironman Triathlons. That’s the two mile swim, the hundred mile bike ride, the marathon.”

Perhaps the funniest moment came later in the show, when Peter Sagal asked Governor Johnson:

SAGAL: Do you ever look around at the other candidates on the stage with you or on the trail with you and say, “oh I wish I had that”? Is there any characteristic of any other Republican candidates that you wish you had?

GOV. JOHNSON: Or, do I look around and go, “You know, I got the best of all of that stuff”?

(Laughter and Applause)

Here are what the “critics” on Facebook are saying about Governor Johnson’s appearance:

“Not only would he make a great president, but he is funny too!”
Mack Johnson

“This guy has it going on. I’d vote for him!”
Bruce Clay

“Heard Mr. Johnson on ‘Wait Wait’ yesterday and thought.. ‘I could see voting for this guy.’ I’m signed up.”
Matthew Moran

“This is a riot-well done”
Claudia McClain

The interview is a noteworthy moment as we introduce Gary Johnson to our fellow Americans.

Who else could win over the NPR audience quite like this? It’s a great example of Governor Johnson’s cross-party appeal, just as he was twice elected in a 2-1 Democratic state. Governor Johnson recognizes that neither party has a monopoly on the creation of our country’s problems. He’s willing to tackle the hard questions from all audiences, and he does it with a smile.

In the coming weeks, Gov. Johnson will start to unveil his strategy to Americans as the campaign targets media buys to increase the Governor’s name recognition. Gov. Johnson’s success will depend on two factors above all else: time and money. The campaign is undertaking a very concerted strategy, and Gov. Johnson appreciates your dedication, patience and support as we continue to move forward.

Gary Johnson’s success is our success. Isn’t America worthy of our best effort?

Thank you for your most generous donation:


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