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Gary Johnson Takes On Romney And Obama As Viable Candidate

June 12, 2012Posted in Blog, News

Karl Dickey
West Palm Beach Libertarian Examiner

Although rarely mentioned in the same sentence as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states and is as viable a candidate as the other two from the older, stale parties. His campaign is gaining steam as the campaign seeks out county coordinators and its coffers begin to grow. The only challenge in Johnson’s way is getting news media to mention him in the same sentence as the other two candidates.

Johnson has recently come out with a few ads to appeal to Americans who are disenchanted with the selection between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. One can be seen here to the left which has Johnson asking Americans to vote Libertarian just this once as they have little to lose by doing so. Other campaign videos can be seen on his YouTube channel here.

Johnson is a two-term Governor of New Mexico where he ran as Republican in a state which is 2-1 Democrat and is known as the Veto Governor as he vetoed more legislation that came across his desk than any other governor in the nation. The Libertarian Party nominee has promised to submit to Congress a balanced budget in 2013 and eliminate the federal law banning marijuana.

Gary Johnson is filling the void provided by President Obama for young Americans who thought Obama was going to be the ‘peace candidate’ however continues to actively engage in various fights around the world. Johnson also is appealing to conservative Republicans who are upset with the presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney. Plus, Johnson is going to pick up the passionate Ron Paul supporters as he quietly leaves the race. So Johnson is not only viable, he runs the chance to topple the Republican/Democrat Monarchy. Johnson’s tagline ‘Live Free’ seems to be resonating with Americans as neither Obama or Romney believe or promote a ‘freedom’ agenda.

Johnson is socially tolerant while being fiscally conservative so he is in the unique position to gain votes from both Republicans and Democrats who hear his message. While President Obama continues his War on Drugs, arresting patients in various states for smoking marijuana, Johnson wants to legalize the plant, along with hemp (which can be imported, but not grown in the U.S.). Johnson has found it a disgrace the way Obama is on pace to incarcerate more Americans than George Bush and is especially concerned about the negative impact those arrests have on young black population of the country.

After all, Johnson was for gay marriage while President Obama continually denounced gay marriage for years saying he believed marriage was only between a man and a woman due to his religious faith. Apparently last month he either decided to stop lying to the American public or he lost his faith because he suddenly came out in favor of gay marriage.

Mitt Romney, the liberal Governor of Massachusetts, has many conservatives and Ron Paul supporters up in arms about his near 100% chance to be the Republican Party’s nominee. Johnson should easily gain those Americans to support his campaign over the coming months and eventually their votes in November. Romney is having trouble gaining traction with the conservative wing of the Republican Party which is where Johnson shines. While Romney has a track record as Governor of Massachusetts as a big government bully who enforced more regulation, Johnson as Governor of New Mexico continually worked to reduce government intrusion into the lives of his constituents.

One thing is clear, as the Johnson campaign ramps up; Gary Johnson will be a contender this November against the big boys and stands a decent chance to have a major impact, if not win the 2012 Presidential election.

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