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Gary Johnson Sets Himself Apart In The Presidential Field

September 22, 2011Posted in Blog, Florida, Gov. Gary Johnson

September 22, 2011, Orlando, FL — Bringing a new voice to the Fox News / Google Debate, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson made it clear that he offers a real alternative to ‘business-as-usual’ in the Republican presidential field.  Pledging to not wait years for a balanced federal budget, Johnson pledged to submit a balanced budget in 2013. Citing the 750 vetoes he exercised as governor, he also vowed to veto any legislation that would result in deficit spending.

In a statement released after the debate, Johnson said, “Tonight, a great many people had their first opportunity to see that there is a candidate who will actually focus like a laser on the task of reducing government, eliminating deficits, and freeing the economy to create real jobs.  As Republicans, we need to face the reality that today’s out-of-control spending is as much a Republican problem as it is a Barack Obama problem, and simply paying lip service to bringing it under control won’t fly with the American people.

“Likewise, Republicans deserve to have a candidate who will challenge the notion of foreign intervention and unjustified, undeclared wars we cannot afford.  I am gratified to offer that alternative.  

“From individual liberties to drug policy to immigration, too often the Republican field has sounded like a chorus rather than an honest dialogue.  I am committed to bringing truth and real-world approaches to those and other issues, not just sound bites.  Tonight’s debate was an opportunity to do that, and I suspect many Americans were ready to listen.”

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