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Gary Johnson Relieved Family Leader is backtracking on slavery, but still has serious issues with the “Marriage Vow”

July 11, 2011Posted in Facebook, Gov. Gary Johnson, Liberty, Twitter

July 11, 2011, Santa Fe, NM – Again condemning the “Marriage Vow” pledge the Iowa-based Family Leader organization is asking presidential candidates to sign, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson today said he is “relieved to know that Family Leader and its supporters don’t really believe African-American families today are worse off than they would be under slavery”.  But Johnson said the group’s weekend clarification “does nothing to make their offensive and divisive pledge more acceptable to the vast majority of Republicans who get the fact that pandering to a small slice of Iowa voters and caucus-goers is a recipe for reelecting President Obama.”

In a statement, Johnson said, “The United States government is bankrupt, our leaders are haggling over finding a way to increasing the spending limit on our credit card, and millions of Americans are out of work, and we have so-called Republicans demanding that candidates pledge to discriminate against everyone who isn’t heterosexual and part of a ‘traditional’ two-parent, married household – and isn’t Muslim.

“With Republicans, Independents, and a lot of Democrats all in agreement that the real moral issue of the day is the economy and the government’s role in screwing it up, it is unbelievable that a small group of self-appointed ‘traditional family’ advocates can actually get candidates for president to endorse their judgmental and intolerant agenda.  One candidate was ‘taken aback’ by the pledge, and then signed it. Another seemed to have overlooked the politically inconvenient slavery part.  Have we fallen through the Looking Glass?

“If we Republicans want to regain control of the White House next year, we cannot allow intolerance to be a part of our agenda. Rather, we must reject it and let the American people see that real Republican philosophy is one that protects individual freedom and responsibility, protects American families, individuals and households from government intrusion, and is committed to shrinking government and its cost, rather than using it to mandate ‘values’ for people who are more than capable of thinking for themselves.”

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