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Gary Johnson: President’s plan is just a refusal to really cut spending

September 19, 2011Posted in Blog, Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue, Spending

September 19, 2011, Manchester, NH – Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson’s reaction to President Obama’s deficit reduction speech:

“Every time the President says we need to raise taxes to reduce the deficit, what he is really saying is that he is not willing to cut spending.  This latest plan is nothing more than a series of real tax increases coupled with spending reductions that are already planned or, at best, speculative.  Whether it is higher taxes for billionaires or the lowest income brackets, taking dollars — trillions of them — from the private economy and giving it to government will only kill jobs, feed more government spending, and ultimately do nothing to reduce the deficit.

“Washington needs to get the message that the American people already know:  The federal budget can be balanced by reducing spending, and it can be balanced now.  All of these other plans to do so over the next 10 or 20 years are just rhetoric, and refusal to do what really needs to be done.”

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