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Gary Johnson, Presidential Candidate and Mountain-Climber, Gets His Due

September 26, 2011Posted in Blog, Gov. Gary Johnson, Interview, Liberty

From The Atlantic By Chris Good

You might not realize it from talking to him, or from watching his semi-nervous appearance in Thursday’s Republican debate, but Gary Johnson is tough.

The former New Mexico governor and thoroughgoing libertarian climbed Mt. Everest. He injured himself severely in a paragliding accident in 2005. He ran track in high school, and he’s probably the most athletic of all the Republican presidential contenders — even if he trails all of them in the polls.

GQ published a November issue profile of Johnson online today, complete with a prominent shot of the former governor shirtless on a mountain bike. Writer Lisa DePaulo clears up any misconceptions about Johnson’s grit:


Do not confuse his Zen-like quality for a lack of cojones. The guy has brass ones. He’s a five-time Ironman triathlete. He paraglides and hot-gas balloons. (Not hot air, hot gas.) He biked across the Alps. And from the right angle, he looks like Harrison Ford.


In that spirit, we present the above photographic evidence of Johnson’s athletic prowess.

Johnson is intensely serene. He keeps long, steady eye contact. He refuses to present himself as anything like a politician. Adventurism has something to with Johnson’s Zen — his incapability of bullshitting, as DePaulo puts it. Climbing back down Everest in 2003, Johnson told me in January, he was sure he was going to die. He and his expedition, led by Nepalese Sherpas and renowned pro-climber Dave Hahn, were crossing an ice slope when Johnson heard the ice cracking.

Read the full article here.

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