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Gary Johnson Polling At 7% In Colorado With Campaign Building Steam

June 19, 2012Posted in Blog, News

By Karl Dickey

According to a new Public Policy Polling report out this morning, Libertarian Party Presidential nominee and two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is garnering 7% of the vote in Colorado. This puts a crimp in both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s campaign to take the state. There is also evidence, Johnson’s campaign is building which could lead to him being a more serious contender in the 2012 general election for the White House.

Johnson has been polling nationally from 2.4% to 9% and various states have him polling up to 15%. When one drills down the numbers, the most interesting statistic one will find is that the more likely voters get to know who Gary Johnson is; they seem to jump into his camp. Nationally, in one poll, Johnson polled at 7% with 80% of the populous not knowing who he is. The same for the poll released today, as 79% of those polled were not sure if they liked Johnson or not – because they do not know who he is. This is typical of most polls, if Johnson is even mentioned as often he is excluded from the polling being conducted. It can be argued, if Johnson was as routinely mentioned in news broadcasts about the upcoming election as Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, then Johnson could be polling in excess of 15%. This is not a failure of the Johnson campaign, but a failure of the general media to fully inform the public of the three candidates who will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

Gary Johnson was visiting Colorado this weekend supporting gay rights and voicing his support to remove the ban on marijuana and hemp in the United States. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama want to continue the War on Drugs and neither support the federal ability for marriage equality while Gary Johnson does.

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