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Gary Johnson On Jobs Speech: Stop Helping Us To Death

September 8, 2011Posted in Blog, Facebook, Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue, Job Creation, Small Government, Spending

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson released the following statement regarding the President’s jobs speech:

“I suspect I am not the only American asking, if a trillion dollars’ worth of stimulus didn’t work, why will another $450 billion do the trick?  Whether it be jobs created with borrowed and newly-printed dollars, temporary extensions of tax cuts, or sending money to the states to postpone layoffs, none of the President’s proposals will remove the real obstacles to job creation.  Government cannot create jobs.  Businesses, entrepreneurs and investors can create jobs, and right now, they are simply afraid to do so.  And they should be.  They are looking at a national debt that is consuming the private economy, more deficit spending with no end in sight, and a regulatory environment that promises only new and costly surprises every day.

“Instead of nibbling around the edges of a job-killing tax code, we need to throw it out.  Eliminate income, business and payroll taxes altogether, and replace them with a FAIR tax ( that will result in millions of jobs.  Instead of spending more, balance the budget now.  Get the burden of government spending and borrowing off the economy, and it will flourish.  And as the government’s chief executive, the President needs to get federal agencies out of the business of managing the economy, and into the business of establishing regulatory certainty.  Do those things, and the U.S. will become the job magnet of the world.

“Government is absolutely a big part of the jobs problem, but it is not the solution — other than by getting out of the way.   Congress and the Administration have almost helped us to death.  What we heard tonight is that they are going to help us some more.  Please, please, just stop.”

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