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Gary Johnson: “Debt deal kicking the can down the road”

August 1, 2011Posted in Blog, Debt Ceiling, Facebook, Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue, Spending

Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson released the following statement regarding the Debt Limit increase agreement.

“The sound America is hearing today is the sound of the can being kicked down the road — again. The result of this agreement is that the debt ceiling will be $900 billion higher tomorrow than it is today, and the nation’s actual debt higher at the end of the year than it is now. Only in Washington is such a deal something to be celebrated as an accomplishment.

“Nowhere to be found in this deal are the entitlement reforms, structural changes in government, or the immediate and real spending cuts that must be made to actually put our financial house in order.  I doubt the markets will be impressed, and I know the American people won’t be impressed.”

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