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Gary Johnson Channels Student Support

May 4, 2011Posted in Blog, Students

A great post on Dartlog about our growing the student base, from the Dartmouth Review:

Barack Obama isn’t the only politician who has learned the value of the support one can gain from college students. Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico who recently announced his candidacy in the 2012 presidential race, has stated that he is counting on, and has received a strong showing of support from college students who are “volunteering everywhere for whatever they can do.”

“I’m running as a Republican. I’ve been a Republican, and will remain a Republican,” Johnson explained of his true focus, “I’m trying to grow the Republican Party. The Party needs to grow its base and include libertarianism and the Tea Party to be able to be successful in the next election. It must get beyond what can be perceived as a very narrow base.”

Governor Johnson’s sentiments are shared by Blayne Bennett, communications manager of political group Students For Liberty: “The libertarian ideology is definitely on the rise, and both parties should be cognizant of it…students are finding refuge in a philosophy that is both compassionate and logically sound.” According to the group’s Vice President Clark Ruper, “Students today have seen the failure of the status quo and are upset by the lack of any substantial difference between Republicans and Democrats.  More and more are embracing libertarianism as an alternative.”

It would seem Gary Johnson intends himself as the very same alternative that students are looking for. “There’s an awareness right now that I’ve never seen in my lifetime across the country, and certainly in college campuses.”

Read the entire post on by Adam I. W. Schwartzman

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