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Gary Johnson calls potential shutdown ‘the least of our problems’

April 8, 2011Posted in Blog, News, Spending

At The Hill, by Gary D’Aprile:

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson (R), who’s set to announce a run for president later this month, mocked Democratic and Republican efforts to reach a budget compromise Thursday.

In an email to supporters of his political action committee, Johnson called the ongoing budget talks in Washington “absurd,” saying that a debate over whether to cut “$20 [billion] or $33 [billion] or $61 billion from a $3.8 trillion budget” doesn’t even acknowledge the root of the problem.

“And while they have this so-called showdown, the president is spending at least $300 million a week on a new war in Libya, without asking anyone,” the libertarian-leaning former governor wrote. “We are facing a financial collapse under the weight of more than a trillion dollars in deficit spending, and Washington is pretending to wage a budget battle royale over whether to cut spending by 1 percent or 2 percent.”

Congressional leaders and the White House are still working to strike a long-term budget deal and avert a government shutdown.

The email, sent with the subject line “A Government Shutdown is the least of our problems,” doubled as a fundraising appeal for Johnson’s PAC and implored lawmakers to tackle “the real challenges of entitlements, wars we cannot afford and hundreds of billions’ worth of programs we don’t need.”

Johnson argued the federal government “could cut hundreds of billions in spending without breaking a sweat or creating hardship for anyone. Yet the politicians in Washington somehow think we are impressed by reductions that are literally rounding errors in the federal budget.”



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