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Gary Johnson 2012 Widgets

August 6, 2012Posted in Blog, News


The Gary Johnson 2012 campaign is excited to introduce a series of Gary Johnson ‘widgets’ in a variety of campaign themes, such as drug policy reform and the Federal Reserve.

What is a widget?

A widget is a small program that can easily be installed on your website or blog. Common examples of widgets include: Google advertisements, voting polls, and weather forecasts. By installing Gary Johnson “Donations” and “Join us” widgets on your website or blog, you provide an interactive experience for your readers.

How do I install a widget to my website or blog?

Directions for installing a widget to your website or blog varies depending on the type of blogging platform you use (i.e. Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, etc). After you navigate to the appropriate area of your blog, simply choose a widget from our Widgets Page, copy the html code, and paste the code into the appropriate place on your website or blog.

How do I copy & paste code?

You can copy the html code by highlighting it with your mouse and either choosing ‘edit’ and then ‘copy’ from your browser menu, or by holding down the control key on your keyboard and pressing ‘C’. Pasting the html code is a little more difficult because it depends on the type of website or blogging platform you use. Once you determine where to paste the html code, you simply choose ‘edit’ and then ‘paste.’ Alternatively, you can hold down the control key on your keyboard and press ‘V.’

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