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January 17, 2012Posted in Blog, News

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Gary Johnson is all about the message
By Craig Schlesinger, Nashville Libertarian Examiner

Earlier this morning, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson appeared on MSNBC’s Weekends with Alex Witt via Skype from his New Mexico home. Up for discussion were Ron Paul’s campaign, GOP candidates courting the evangelical right, Obama coming up short on his 2008 campaign promises, and Johnson’s appeal to voters of all political persuasions.

Gov. Johnson asserts that the largest growing voter blocks in the United States are independents and declined-to-state, and in fact, he’s right. A Gallup poll released on January 9th shows a record-high 40% of Americans self-indentifying as political independents, compared to 31% Democrats and 27% Republicans. The same poll also reveals a promising trend. Since 1988, voter affiliation with both the Republican and Democratic parties is on the decline while independents are on the rise.
Moreover, a Reason-Rupe poll released this past August paints an interesting picture of the American political landscape. Liberals and conservatives both registered at 28%, libertarians at 24%, and communitarians at 20%. In May, Reason-Rupe also found 60% of Americans willing to consider voting for a third party candidate in the 2012 election.

Of course, considering and voting are two very different things. However, the aforementioned data should provide Gov. Johnson a breath of optimism as he vies for the Libertarian Party’s nomination. Should he get the nod, Johnson will be on the ballot in virtually all 50 states and could possibly meet the polling threshold required for the national debate stage.

Public Policy Polling conducted a national poll just prior to Gov. Johnson officially announcing his departure from the GOP in favor of a Libertarian Party bid. In a three-way race with Obama and Romney as the hypothetical GOP nominee, Johnson already came in at 9%. Another PPP poll conducted in Johnson’s home state of New Mexico during that same time showed Johnson at 23% versus Obama and Romney.

The logical conclusion is that Gary Johnson’s message is increasingly palatable to those fed up with the current political duopoly and its disingenuous stranglehold over the public policy discourse. As his national media exposure increases, so does his support. As Gov. Johnson told Alex Witt, “It’s always been about the message. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think there was the opportunity to actually win.”

For the sake of the republic’s future, here’s to hoping that message resonates loud and clear on the national stage.

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