What Others Are Saying About Gov. Gary Johnson

From leading news commentators to entertainers to political figures, more and more opinion leaders are taking note of Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray. Click on the names below to see what others are saying.


Mr. Teller, Entertainer/Magician
"Teller -- So far as I can tell, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian, is the only Presidential candidate who's not a weasel."

Penn Jillett, Entertainer/Magician
"I love Gary Johnson. He seems pretty perfect."

"I believe that voting for the lesser of two evils in game theory will always leads to more evil," Penn said in explaining his reasoning for supporting Gary.

"If you actually believe that Romney is a fabulous candidate, then you should vote for him, I don't. Most of the stuff I disagree with Obama on I also disagree with Romney on." (Source)

Willie Nelson, Country Music Artist


Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)
"I can't imagine endorsing anybody else." (Source)

Buddy Roemer, Former GOP Presidential Candidate
“Nowhere is it written -- in the Constitution or elsewhere – that we should have only two choices for President. Especially when those two choices are basically the same choice. Voters deserve the opportunity to see and hear a candidate who will offer real alternatives for this nation. Gov. Gary Johnson offers that alternative. I have gotten to know Governor Johnson over the past several months, I am convinced that he is a capable and proven leader. His message deserves to be heard, and as a fellow former governor, I have tremendous respect for his record as a chief executive. He is a leader that many Americans could easily support if only given the opportunity.”

Andrew Napolitano, Ret. New Jersey Superior Court Judge/TV Host/Author
"As the Governor of New Mexico, he lowered taxes 14 times during his two years in office, and still managed to balance his budgets!" (Source)
Vice Admiral Michael C. Colley, US Navy (Ret.)
State Rep. Kyle Tasker, R-NH
State Rep. Brian Seaworth, R-NH
State Rep. Bruce MacMahon, R-NH
Fmr. NM House Minority Leader Kip Nicely
Chris Barron, Chairman of the Board, GOProud
Terry Michael, Executive Director, Washington Center For Politics & Journalism and Former Democratic National Committee, "....quite possibly the original self-described 'libertarian Democrat.' " --Nick Gillespie, Editor, REASON.COM & REASON.TV
Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee, Chariman Libertarian National Campaign Committee and Author, “The Conscience Of A Libertarian”
Rob Power, Chariman, Current Treasurer and Former Chairman (2004-2010) of Outright Libertarians, Former LP National Platform Committee Member, Former LP of California Executive Committee Member, Former Chairman of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco
Christina Tobin, Founder and Chair of The Free And Equal Elections Foundation, Vice President Taxpayers United of America
Roger Stone, Republican political strategist
David Boaz, Executive Vice President of The Cato Institute
Chris Chocola, President of The Club For Growth
Dan Choi, Fmr. First Lieutenant (US Army)/LGBT Equality Activist
Nick Gillespie, Editor in Chief of Reason.com
Fmr. Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr. (R-CA)
"I'm impressed with Gary Johnson because of his success in two terms as Governor of New Mexico. He demonstrated his ability to govern with extreme opposition. I definitely think he's qualified, if for no other reason than that, to be President of the United States. He's got more experience than Obama ever hoped to have in managing government and governmental affairs. ... He's got a successful track record, and he has the tools he needs to lead." (Source)

Daniel Hannan, British MEP
Jesse Ventura, Former Governor of Minnesota/Actor
"If people truly want to rebel this year, then vote for Gary Johnson," (Source)

Sean Hannity, TV and Radio Host/Author
Peter Schiff, President of EuroPacific Capital/Radio Host
John Stossel, Journalist/TV Host/Author
"I'm glad Johnson is in the race, along with Ron Paul. I don't hear a consistent limited-government message from [other candidates]. We sure didn't get one from George W. Bush or John McCain." (Source)


Howard Baetjer, Jr., Lecturer, Department of Economics, Towson University
William J. Carney, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Law, Emory University
James L. Doti, President of Chapman University
Lynne Kiesling, Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Economics, Northwestern University
Mark LeBar, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Ohio University
Daniel Lin, Assistant Professor of Economics, American University
Kate Litvak, Professor of Law, Northwestern University
Jeffrey Miron, Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics, Harvard University

Andrew P. Morriss, D. Paul Jones, Jr. & Charlene Jones Chair in Law, University of Alabama
Michael Munger, Professor of Political Science, Public Policy, and Economics, Duke University
David G. Post, Professor of Law, Temple University
Laurie A. Schmidt, Professor of Education, Indiana Wesleyan University
Daniel Shapiro, Professor of Philosophy, West Virginia University
Bradley A. Smith, Josiah H. Blackmore II/Shirley M. Nault Designated Professor of Law, Capital University
Ilya Somin, Associate Professor of Law, George Mason University
Alexander "Sasha" Volokh, Assistant Professor of Law, Emory University
Hanah Metchis Volokh, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, Emory University
Glen Whitman, Professor of Economics, California State University, Northridge
Michael D. Freeman, PhD MPH DC MedDr, Affiliate Professor of Epidemiology and Psychiatry, Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine
W. William Woolsey, Associate Professor of Economics, The Citadel, Charleston, SC
Nathan V. Hoffman, Attorney At Law/Dean - International Pacific School of Law, Los Angeles, CA
Joseph G. Buchman PhD, Professor of Marketing and Business Strategy, Education Development Management Corporation,
Walter E. Block, Ph.D., Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and Professor of Economics, Joseph A. Butt, S.J. College of Business Loyola University
"If justice were to prevail and people were to vote for the candidate who best exemplifies the American constitutional values of limited government, free enterprise and private property rights, then Gary Johnson would win in a landslide. Neither Obama nor Romney have much appreciation of, nor even acquaintance with, these values. But, like it or not, Johnson will not likely be our next president. So is not a vote for him a wasted one? Not at all. As long as Johnson’s vote totals are greater than the difference between those garnered by the two “major party” candidates, the Demopublicans, and the Republicrats, the voice of liberty will once again ring throughout the land. Writing in “Ron Paul” on the ballot may well be emotionally satisfying for many people, but these votes are not likely to be counted, and will thus not promote liberty. I therefore call upon all those who favor liberty, free markets and limited government to vote for Gary Johnson and the entire Libertarian Party ticket in November."