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General Discussion
Open to all discussion related to Gary Johnson's 2012 presidential run.
28 50 Sun Jul 04 2010, 12:38AM
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Political News
Open to all relevant news.
8 10 Wed Jan 27 2010, 12:23AM
Gary Johnson Grassroots
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Grassroots Discussion
Grassroots discussion for making Gary Johnson our president in 2012.
17 34 Tue May 11 2010, 11:37PM
Josiah Schmidt
Iowa Grassroots
Coordinate to win in Iowa!
3 4 Mon Nov 02 2009, 01:16PM
New Hampshire Grassroots
Let's win New Hampshire!
1 4 Tue Oct 27 2009, 06:26PM
Josiah Schmidt
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Abortion and the Right to Life
Abortion is a decision that is best left to the States.
1 3 Tue May 11 2010, 11:39PM
Josiah Schmidt
Civil Liberties
The government should protect the value of individuals and their civil liberties. The government should not intervene in the private lives of individual citizens unnecessarily. Personal liberty and freedom from unwarranted governmental control or regulation should allow law abiding individuals to pursue their own desires as long as they are not causing harm to other people. We are committed to “less government, greater liberty and lasting prosperity for America.”
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We advocate a “Don’t do Drugs” policy. Drugs can be harmful, addictive and destructive to our lives and society. The current war on drugs, however, has not been successful. Crime, economic problems and abuse related to drug usage are still very present. We believe there needs to be a new direction in fighting these problems. We advocate legalizing marijuana. We do not advocate the legalization of any other drugs and believe that harm reduction measures should be implemented.

Marijuana should be regulated and taxed by the federal government (just like tobacco is currently), which would lead to a lower price for the product and eliminate the criminal element from its distribution, much like the repeal of the prohibibiltion of Alcohol many decades back.

We believe that current drug policies need to be changed. The answer lies in sentencing reform, in supplying treatment on demand, and in honest drug education for our children. We advocate heroin maintenance and other harm reduction measures and believe we should move from a criminal to a medical model of dealing with drug usage. Locking up more and more people who are nonviolent drug offenders, people whose real problem is that they are addicted to drugs, is simply a waste of money and human resources and fails to deal with the real problems of abuse. Our goal is to lower the abuse rate in America and we believe a new direction is needed for that to happen.
1 0 Thu Nov 12 2009, 09:12PM
Defense and the Middle East War
We believe in a strong defense both at home and abroad. However, Gary Johnson was opposed to the war in Iraq as Governor of New Mexico and continues to believe that the United States should withdraw our troops from Iraq as soon as effectively possible. The United State should only be involved in just causes and should not engage in military action except when needed to protect its specific interests. The United States should be protected from terrorism and those that attack America should be brought to justice quickly and efficiently.
1 3 Mon Nov 09 2009, 09:57AM
The United States should have a balanced budget and we believe that government spending should be reduced to much lower levels. Mult-trillion dollar deficits are a disaster and a threat to the security of the United States.
1 1 Sun Feb 21 2010, 12:11AM
Josiah Schmidt
America needs to be a land with a clean environment and we support clean-air and clean-water action. The Initiative believes in conservationism. The Committee does not support “cap and trade” policies as they are currently formulated.
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Federal Reserve
The Federal Reserve Bank needs to be audited and managed effectively. Congress should take a close look at how the Federal Reserve Bank is operated and regulated. If changes need to be made within the Federal Reserve Bank, they should be made.
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Health Care
Gary opposes any government attempt to take over the health care system. He believes that the costs of health care are out of control and that something needs to be done to return health care to fiscal solvency. Gary supports a system in which each individual privately manages his or her own health care, free from government controls and mandates.
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Immigration Policy
It is time to implement an immigration policy that allows for better documentation and more easily obtainable permits for temporary guest workers to fill jobs that Americans refuse to take. United States authorities do need to know who is crossing our borders and be able to prevent criminals from entering the country. However, we do not believe in closing the borders to those that are legally documented to enter the country.
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Does not believe in raising taxes. Just throwing more money at difficult problems does not solve anything

While he was Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, vetoed 750 bills that were sent to him by the Democratic controlled legislature. He vetoed many of the bills because he believed they were fiscally irresponsible. Johnson was able to lower the cost of government in New Mexico and never raised taxes. When discussing balancing the budget and lowering taxes –Actions speak louder than words.
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Off Topic
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Off Topic
Open discussion.
0 0 Thu Aug 20 2009, 03:15PM
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