Contribution Rules:
  • This contribution is made on a personal credit or debit card for which I have the legal obligation to pay, and is made neither on a corporate business entity card nor on the card of another.
  • I am a United States citizen or a lawfully-admitted permanent resident.
  • I am making this contribution with my own personal funds, and I will not be reimbursed by anyone for this contribution.
  • I am not a federal government contractor.
  • I am at least 18 years of age.

If you are having problems donating please contact the donation line at 801-303-7922

Contributions or gifts to Gary Johnson 2012 are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. Gary Johnson 2012 can accept contributions from an individual of up to $2,500 per federal election (the primary and general are separate elections). By submitting your contribution, you agree that the first $2,500 of a contribution will be designated for the 2012 primary election, and any additional amount, up to $2,500 will be designated for the 2012 general election.