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Cream Of The Crop Of GOP Governors

May 19, 2011Posted in Blog, Facebook, Gov. Gary Johnson, Small Government, Spending

A great piece from RedState highlighting Gary’s record as a “strict small government” governor. Check out the full article to read more on the analysis “based solely on measurable statistics instead of subjective judgment.”

“Gary Johnson 1995-2003 New Mexico
As governor, Johnson followed a strict small government approach. He vetoed 200 of 424 bills in his first six months in office - a national record of 48% of all legislation - and used the line-item veto on most remaining bills. In office, Johnson fulfilled his campaign promise to reduce the 10% annual growth of the state budget. In his first budget, Johnson proposed a wide range of tax cuts, including a repeal of the prescription drug tax, a $47 million income tax cut, and a 6 cents per gallon gasoline tax cut. However, of these, only the gasoline tax cut was passed. In 1998, Johnson ran for re-election as governor against Democratic Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez. In his campaign, he promised to continue the policies of his first term: improving schools; cutting state spending, taxes, and bureaucracy; and frequent use of his veto power. Fielding a strong Hispanic candidate in a 40% Hispanic state, the Democrats were expected to oust Johnson, but Johnson won by a 55% to 45% margin: making him the first Governor of New Mexico to serve two four-year terms after term limits were expanded to two terms in 1991.”

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