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Online Town Hall: Tomorrow Night January 19, 2012

January 18, 2012Posted in Blog, News, Uncategorized

Tomorrow evening, January 19, I will be hosting an On-Line Conference exclusively for key supporters, such as yourself, in the Southern states. Joining me as co-host will be the South Carolina Libertarian Party Chairman Victor Kocher. We will begin at… Continue reading »


January 11, 2012Posted in Blog, News, Uncategorized

examiner .com Gary Johnson Talks Marijuana Reform and Rational Drug Policy By Craig Schlesinger, Nashville Libertarian Examiner January 10, 2012 Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign employs an aggressive social media strategy to deliver his message directly to voters, from conference calls… Continue reading »


January 9, 2012Posted in Blog, News, Uncategorized

GOV. GARY JOHNSON ASSAILS SANTORUM AND OBAMA ON GAY MARRIAGE January 9, 2012, Santa Fe, NM — Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson today assailed Sen. Rick Santorum for the ex-senator’s opposition to gay marriage equality and for Santorum’s past… Continue reading »


December 1, 2011Posted in Blog, Uncategorized

 December 1, 2011, Santa Fe NM – Presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson announced during an on-line Town Hall Thursday night that he supports civil marriage for gay Americans.  Having long supported civil unions for gay couples,… Continue reading »


November 28, 2011Posted in Uncategorized

Republican Establishment Pushes Gary Johnson to Third Party Run — And Their Demise By Andrew Davis | 11/28/11 The Republican Establishment doesn’t like Gary Johnson. That’s no secret. And, while GOP presidential hopefuls Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul complain about… Continue reading »

Sunday: Another Great Day In The Granite State

September 19, 2011Posted in Uncategorized

My Sunday began with the “Steak Out,” an annual event hosted by the Nashua Republican City Committee. It was another great opportunity for me to make the case for my candidacy directly to Republicans in New Hampshire. The appearance of… Continue reading »

Gary Johnson annouces 458 mile New Hampshire “Ride for Freedom”

September 16, 2011Posted in Blog, Gov. Gary Johnson, Liberty, New Hampshire, Uncategorized

September 16, 2011, Manchester, NH — Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson will be making a 6-day, 458 mile bike ride across New Hampshire October 5-11. The “Ride for Freedom” will begin in Milford and end in Manchester criss-crossing most of the… Continue reading »

Nevada News & Views — “CNN KOs Candidates Before They Enter The Ring”

September 13, 2011Posted in Uncategorized

From Nevada News & Views by Lori Piotrowski Last night, millions of viewers tuned in to listen to Republican candidates verbally spar. While they shadow-boxed for voter points, one candidate wasn’t even allowed in the ring—former New Mexico Governor Gary… Continue reading »

GOP Candidate Johnson Focuses On N.H.

September 9, 2011Posted in News, Uncategorized

The Boston Globe reported recently on the release of “The New Hampshire Path.” Read the full commentary below: Forget the early voting states of Iowa and South Carolina. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson makes no bones about it. “I… Continue reading »

A Great Day in the New Hampshire “North Country”

August 22, 2011Posted in Uncategorized

Wow, today has been a really fascinating and productive day in northern New Hampshire. The first stop was the Northern Forest Heritage Park in Berlin, a former logging camp that has been turned into a museum. The staff was incredibly… Continue reading »

My 9-day New Hampshire “Marathon” Begins

August 21, 2011Posted in Uncategorized

My plane from DC was delayed and then canceled Friday night, so the “marathon” almost got off to a late start. Fortunately, I was able to get to the New Hampshire Young Republicans’ Lobster Bake in time to enjoy it,… Continue reading »

Making The Case For Real Reform In New Hampshire

August 7, 2011Posted in News, Uncategorized

It’s been another great couple of days on the campaign trail in New Hampshire. Thursday morning we started off with a nice breakfast at Cityside Grille in Concord, where I chatted with Roland, the owner, about the difficulties of trying… Continue reading »

Enjoying the Campaign — and the Race — in New Hampshire

July 25, 2011Posted in Blog, Facebook, Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue, New Hampshire, Small Government, Twitter, Uncategorized

The last time I visited the Conway area was April 23, two days after I announced my candidacy in New Hampshire. I was preparing to hike and ski Tuckerman Ravine, and that was truly an unforgettable experience. Last Thursday, I… Continue reading »

Gary Johnson Blasts Offensive Pledge

July 11, 2011Posted in Uncategorized

On Thursday, two Republican candidates for President signed the “Marriage Vow” pledge issued by Iowa’s Bob Vander Plaats and the Family Leader. In response, Gary Johnson stated: “Government should not be involved in the bedrooms of consenting adults. As a… Continue reading »

Blog & News Coverage: Tolerance Edition

July 10, 2011Posted in Uncategorized

Governor Gary Johnson’s rejection of the “Marriage Vow” pledge has created quite a bit of coverage across the web, including: Gary Johnson: Family Leader pledge gives Republicans a bad name: Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson thinks the pledge that an… Continue reading »

Gov. Johnson on CNN’s John King USA - 6/24

June 25, 2011Posted in Uncategorized

Check out Gov. Gary Johnson’s appearance on CNN’s “John King USA” (guest hosted by Joe Johns) last night: And help Gary spread our message of limited government, individual liberty, and fiscal responsibility by making your most generous donation today!

Gary Johnson Crashes the GOP Debate - The Atlantic

June 15, 2011Posted in Uncategorized

From The Atlantic: It used to be that a YouTube presidential debate consisted of citizens uploading questions so that candidates could answer them. After being excluded from the GOP presidential primary debate held in New Hampshire on Tuesday, however, former… Continue reading »

ABC Topline, The Dylan Ratigan Show and Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano - 6/14

June 14, 2011Posted in Blog, Gov. Gary Johnson, Interview, Twitter, Uncategorized, YouTube

ABC Topline The Dylan Ratigan Show Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano

Daily Caller: Gary Johnson’s Viral Ad A Contrast In Quality To Other Potential Republican Presidential Candidates’

May 18, 2011Posted in Blog, Facebook, Gov. Gary Johnson, News, Twitter, Uncategorized, YouTube

Here is what Jeff Winkler at The Daily Caller recently had to say about the YouTube video produced by a member of the campaign team. Read the full article here. —- “If the quality of presidential hopefuls’ viral videos directly… Continue reading »

Imagine President Gary Johnson

May 16, 2011Posted in Blog, Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue, Spending, Uncategorized, YouTube

Gary Johnson Shows Leadership And A Strong Resume To Solve Economic Problems

May 5, 2011Posted in Uncategorized

GARY JOHNSON SHOWS LEADERSHIP AND A STRONG RESUME TO SOLVE ECONOMIC PROBLEMS Former Governor of New Mexico pushes for balanced budget now May 5, 2011, Greenville, SC – Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson tonight participated in the first Republican Presidential… Continue reading »

First-in-the-South Republican Presidential Debate

May 3, 2011Posted in Uncategorized

Last week in New Hampshire, I announced my candidacy for President of the United States. This Thursday, May 5, I will take part in the First-in-the-South Republican Presidential Debate. Fox News will televise the debate live at 9 PM ET… Continue reading »

Gary Johnson emerges as the next Ron Paul

December 17, 2009Posted in Uncategorized

Politico‘s Jonathan Martin: Former New Mexico Republican Gov. Gary Johnson is a teetotaling triathlete who looks the part of the laid-back Mountain West politician. But don’t let the jeans and black mock turtleneck he’s sporting on his new website fool… Continue reading »