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Boots On The Ground In New Hampshire

September 10, 2011Posted in Blog, Facebook, Gov. Gary Johnson, New Hampshire, News, Students, Twitter

We’ve posted several blogs featuring Gov. Johnson’s visits to New Hampshire, but what do volunteers do in New Hampshire when their favorite candidate isn’t in the Granite State? The short answer is this: they Lit-Drop. (Today at the New Hampshire… Continue reading »

Gov. Gary Johnson on Stossel, FOX Business - 6/9

June 11, 2011Posted in Blog, Facebook, Foreign Policy, Gov. Gary Johnson, Interview, Marijuana Decriminalization, Small Government, Spending, Students, Twitter, YouTube

Gov. Johnson appeared on FOX Business Channel’s Stossel recently to talk about free market economics and the philosophy of liberty, as well as to debate “Barack Obama”:

The Atlantic: From The Yearbook To The White House

May 29, 2011Posted in Blog, Gov. Gary Johnson, Students

From The Atlantic: One of these former teens will probably win the GOP’s White House nomination in 2012. Since the press will inevitably rifle through their histories with astonishing thirst and thoroughness, we may as well take this early campaign… Continue reading »