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“Gary Johnson Grabs the GOP’s Third Rail: Cutting Military Spending”

September 9, 2011Posted in Afghanistan, Blog, Facebook, Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue, Small Government, Spending, Twitter

By: Ben Johnson Every political epoch has one: a third rail, an issue so electric that any mention of it tends to close discussion and slam doors rather than broaden discourse and widen debate. For 65 years, increased military spending… Continue reading »

The Telegraph: Meet Gary Johnson, The Most Libertarian Candidate Ever To Seek The US Presidency

August 5, 2011Posted in Afghanistan, Blog, Facebook, Foreign Policy, Gov. Gary Johnson, Issue, Job Creation, Liberty, Marijuana Decriminalization, Marijuana Legalization, News, Small Government, Spending, Twitter

British MEP Daniel Hannan writes a glowing review of Gov. Johnson’s record, in Britain’s Telegraph: Here’s someone you might not yet know about, a sea-green incorruptible who is surely the most anti-government candidate ever to have sought the GOP presidential… Continue reading »

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson issues statment on President Obama’s Afghanistan adress

June 22, 2011Posted in Afghanistan, Blog, Gov. Gary Johnson

June 22, 2011, Santa Fe, NM – Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson released the following statement in response to President Obama’s Afghanistan address: “While bringing any of our troops home from Afghanistan is a good thing, the President’s plan is not… Continue reading »

Gov. Johnson on Hannity Show, FOX News - 5/27

May 27, 2011Posted in Afghanistan, Foreign Policy, Gov. Gary Johnson, Interview, Issue, Marijuana Decriminalization, Small Government, Spending, YouTube

Gov. Johnson spoke with Sean Hannity on FOX News recently about free market economics; addressing the debt crisis; ending the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya; ending the War on Drugs; and the philosophy of liberty:

Gary Johnson: The People’s President

May 14, 2011Posted in Afghanistan, Blog

An letter of support out of Huntington, West Virginia: “After working for Democratic candidates from Adlai Stevenson to Barack Obama, I just made a donation to Gary Johnson, the former Republican Governor of New Mexico, and Republican candidate to become… Continue reading »

Nobody Else Is Saying What Needs To Be Said

May 6, 2011Posted in Afghanistan, Blog, Facebook, Issue, News, Twitter

The LA Times pointed out that Governor Johnson’s fiscally conservative views on foreign policy are much different than the rest of the GOP field: The two libertarians in the GOP field, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, delivered vigorous dissents from the… Continue reading »

From Greenville SC: “We got Osama bin Laden. Let’s get out of Afghanistan”

May 5, 2011Posted in Afghanistan

Before the debate: We got Osama bin Laden. Let’s get out of Afghanistan,” Johnson said to more applause. He also said he was “opposed to what we did in Libya, A through Z. Where was the military threat? Where in… Continue reading »

I Would Get Out of Afghanistan Tomorrow

April 30, 2011Posted in Afghanistan, Blog

An interview with Robert Naiman on Huffington Post: “Yesterday, I talked to Gary Johnson about the war. While I was talking with him, I raised some other issues of U.S. foreign policy. Some highlights of the interview: “I would advocate… Continue reading »