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Blog & News Coverage: Tolerance Edition

July 10, 2011Posted in Uncategorized

Governor Gary Johnson’s rejection of the “Marriage Vow” pledge has created quite a bit of coverage across the web, including:

Gary Johnson: Family Leader pledge gives Republicans a bad name:

Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson thinks the pledge that an Iowa Christian conservative group is circulating is offensive because it condemn gays, single parents, divorcees, Muslims, women who choose to have abortions “and everyone else who doesn’t fit in a Norman Rockwell painting.”

Gary Johnson Would Take the Republican Party to a Much Healthier Place

The Volokh Conspiracy: Gary Johnson on the “Marriage Vow”

Outside The Beltway: Gary Johnson Calls Traditional Pledge “Offensive and Unrepublican”

The Agitator: Think any other GOP candidate will have the guts to do this?

Iowa Independent: Gary Johnson labels Vander Plaats’ social pledge as ‘offensive, unrepublican’

Race 4 2012:”Family Leader” Pledge: 2 Candidates Pledge, 1 Shreds

The “Family Leader” organization’s “Marriage Pledge,” which they are asking presidential candidates to sign, is attracting supporters and detractors.  Among other things, the Pledge is controversial because it claims that homosexuality is a choice; it lumps homosexuality in with polygamy, polyandry, and adultery; it claims that homosexuality is a public health risk; it requires presidential candidates to affirm that sex is more enjoyable after marriage; advocates a ban on pornography; requires candidates to speak out against Muslims who would try to impose sharia law on Americans (a threat that many see as McCarthyist hysteria); and implied that blacks were better off under slavery (a blurb that was removed from the pledge and apologized for, a matter of hours ago).

Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum both eagerly signed on to it within a matter of hours after the Pledge was made available.  Bachmann stated she had “no qualms with” the Pledge at all.  Santorum noted that he was “taken aback” a bit by some of the sections of the Pledge, but ultimately came down in favor of signing it.

Other candidates have tried to side-skirt it: Huntsman says he’s not signing any pledges whatsoever (but released a statement that he’s a strong supporter of the “traditional” definition of marriage), Paul said he had “reservations” about it, Pawlenty said he needed more time to review it, and Romney, Gingrich, Cain, and Obama are all ignoring it.

One candidate, however, launched an all-out offensive against it, calling it “offensive” and saying that it goes against the oldest, core principles of the Republican Party.  Gary Johnson released a statement saying, “The Republican Party cannot be sidetracked into discussing these morally judgmental issues — such a discussion is simply wrongheaded. We need to maintain our position as the party of efficient government management and the watchdogs of the ‘public’s pocket book’.  This ‘pledge’ is nothing short of a promise to discriminate against everyone who makes a personal choice that doesn’t fit into a particular definition of ‘virtue’.”

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